This Girl Showed Up to Prom in a Coffin Because She Wants to Be a Funeral Director

Prom has always been a memorable way to end the high school year, with decadent dresses, beautiful pictures, cute promposals and …coffins?! 

Megan Flaherty, a 17-year-old student at Pennsauken High School, literally “rose from the dead” to attend her prom, according to Refinery29. While most teenagers rent limos for this special occasion, Flaherty decided to show up in a hearse, complete with a driver wearing a top hat. 

Talk about going the extra mile!

After making sure her date Stephen Caldwell was completely okay with the idea, she decided to make plans for her grand entrance. She had her funeral director family friend and her date lower her coffin out of the hearse, where her classmates were able to see her inside before she jumped out—very much alive, of course. Flaherty told that she's pretty shy at school, so she thought her fellow students were suprised to see her emerging from a coffin on prom night.

The coffin thing wasn't just a flashy prank—the idea actually connects with Flaherty's personality and goals for the future. She wants to be a funeral director like the family friend who drove her to prom, and plans to start a funeral service program after graduation, reports. If only we could all be ourselves so completely at prom!