On A First Date With A Trump Supporter, Woman Drinks Too Much Red Wine, Destroys Over A Million Dollars Worth Of Artwork, & Faces A Felony Charge

If you think you've suffered the most embarrassing first date of all time, then think again, because freelance court reporter Lindy Lou Layman has probably got you beat. According to SFGate, Layman had quite the night on Friday during a first date with attorney Tony Buzbee. You know how it goes...first you're enjoying a nice glass of red wine, next thing you know he's ordering you an Uber and telling you you're drunk, and then -boom!- you're facing felony charges. Or is that not quite how your nightmare of a first date went?

So here's what we know: Layman is a 29-year-old freelance court reporter from Dallas. Buzbee is a well-known attorney, most widely recognized for successfully defending former Texas governor Rick Perry in an abuse-of-power case.

Although most reports allege that the two were on a first date, Buzbee told Texas Lawyer that “Layman came to his home with others and that he had not met her prior to that evening.”

According to Heavy, throughout the course of the night, Layman became intoxicated and refused to leave Buzbee’s house, even when he ordered her an Uber. She then began to tear paintings off of the walls, pour red wine on the paintings, throw sculptures across the room, and shout, “I’m not leaving!” Same, Lindy.

The real kicker is that Buzbee’s paintings weren't just from his local Home Goods. Buzbee is, like, really rich. The Houston Chronicle states that when Buzbee bought the mansion in 2013, it was worth $14 million. And, according to KHOU-TV, “Two of the paintings were original Andy Warhol pieces worth $500,000 each, and the two damaged sculptures were valued at about $20,000 a piece.” Layman was arrested Saturday and released the following day on a $30,000 bail.

Another ~interesting~ individual who has found his way into the Buzbee home is none other than Donald Trump. In June 2016, Buzbee hosted a fundraiser for Trump, and told KHOU that he was “honored to host him.” Thankfully, Buzbee did denounce Trump after the Access Hollywood tapes were leaked in October 2016. We can't deny, though, that destroying artwork that Trump once admired would be a lot more fun than destroying artwork that he, you know, didn't admire.

If you guys were wondering if this kind of first date is normal in the wealthy-attorney-have-Trump-over-for-dinner world, then the answer is no. When recounting the night to Texas Lawyer, Buzbee said: “She at some point appeared too intoxicated and she was asked to leave. She wouldn’t and got angry because she didn’t want to leave. The police dealt with it. It’s not the first time I’ve had guests at a party of mine over imbibe. Most leave when you ask them. She didn’t.”