Everyone On The Internet Was Rooting For This Raccoon Who Scaled A Building 

ICYMI, this iconic raccoon made it all the way to the top of a 25-story building in Saint Paul, Minnesota this morning — and the internet fell in love with it.

Buzzfeed documented the furry friend’s ascent on Tuesday when the raccoon began making headlines for it’s persistence as it climbed up the side of a building, superhero-style. The raccoon was found resting close to 20 stories up by a Minnesota Public Radio reporter and instantly became the mascot of 2018. 

According to The Washington Post, Tim Nelson, the Minnesota reporter who documented the raccoon’s journey via Twitter, said that the animal got stranded on the building “likely on an errant mission to raid pigeon nests on the skyway.” #MPRraccoon went viral on Twitter with many following the suspense and making it into a meme.

As the raccoon passed to rest, many chimed in with ideas how to rescue their new friend. The Post said that the buildings windows did not open, so the only option was to help the raccoon once it safely reached the roof. 

When the critter finally made it early this morning, he was treated to a meal of soft cat food and caught in a live trap to be transported back down, according to Buzzfeed. Twitter rejoiced, wishing the raccoon the best of luck on the rest of his journeys.