Cornell University Is Giving Joe Biden His Own Personal Ice Cream Flavor

While almost everyone can say they enjoy the cold, sweet taste of ice cream in the summer, no one seems to appreciate it more than former Vice President Joe Biden. According to The Hill, he confessed his overwhelming love for ice cream in May of last year, at the headquarters of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in Ohio. “My name is Joe Biden, and I love ice cream," he said at the time. "You all think I'm kidding—I'm not. I eat more ice cream than three other people you'd like to be with, all at once.” 

Now, that’s a LOT of ice cream. 

He loves the sweet treat so much that Cornell University’s dessert parlor, the Cornell Dairy, is giving Biden his very own ice cream flavor ahead of Biden's Cornell convocation speech on May 27. The ice cream flavor will be none other than his classic favorite—chocolate chip. Who can say no to good ol’ fashioned chocolate chip? 

Although the official name hasn't been announced yet, Cosmopolitan reports that the the top five candidates are Biden’s Chocolate Bites; Bits n’ Biden; Big Red, White & Biden; Not Your Average Joe’s Chocolate Chip; and Uncle Joe’s Chocolate Chip. Which one is your favorite? 

No matter what the name is, we're sure that this flavor will be an absolute hit. And Deanna Simmons, the quality manager and academic programs coordinator for Cornell Dairy, told the Cornell Daily Sun that “if it gains momentum, we’ll make more.” 

Maybe next they'll create a flavor in honor of Biden's bromance with former President Obama…We think it's our civic duty to keep this going.