New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Levi's

With their Fall 2012 collection, Levi's proved they're not just denim. Although there were some fantastic denim pieces in the show (namely a dress comprised of a ball skirt with a workman-style button-down top), there were also really innovative pieces like non-bondage-y looking leather overalls and jumpers, mixed in between colorful knits, corduroys, and of course the company's signature denim.

With a Rolling Stones-meets-hip-hop soundtrack, the vibe was very Brooklyn rock and roll-- a little grungy, a little vintage, a little ironic. In fact, even in their own clothes the models oozed that Levi's coolness, some men with beards and tattoos, ladies sleek and slim.

Makeup on the ladies was assembled by Sarah Lucero and Jason Araujo for Stila cosmetics. It was a lighter look seeking to define the naturalness and coolness for which the Levi's girl is known. Darker brows with a hint of color on the eyes, a light pink on the lips and nails was all they wore, with straight, sleek hair.

It was an innovative presentation, too, part runway show, part art installation (my favorite piece of which was made of three pairs of Levi's embedded in ice). For the runway portion of the show, some models came out and actually dressed onstage while other dressed models walked past them, one even on a bicycle.

It's clear the brand is making concerted efforts to continue in the high-fashion market, with innovative, quirky designs. Influential people are taking notice, too--in the audience were none other than Nina Garcia, Brad Goreski and Susie Bubble, just to name a few. Take a look at pictures behind the scenes (thanks Alison Brod PR!) and onstage (all photos by moi).