You Can Thank Us Now For Finding Super Affordable Textbooks This Semester

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Nothing says a fresh start like the new spring semester. From selecting an aesthetically pleasing planner for the year, to planning the ultimate tropical getaway for spring break, spring semester is arguably the very best semester of college.

But getting real for a minute — the extra expenses that come with a new semester can be super stressful. The most notoriously pricey items on the shopping list have got to be textbooks. Whether you have a light course load or happen to squeeze in six classes for a jam-packed semester, buying new textbooks every single semester can add up so fast on a college girl’s wallet.

Kiss those textbook worries goodbye because we’ve got your back with a super affordable textbook plan. Cengage Unlimited is the resource you’ll want all semester, every semester. Unlike any other online textbook program out there, Cengage Unlimited is just that — unlimited online access to as many Cengage access codes and online textbooks as your semester calls for and tons of other career and class resources.

Be unstoppable this semester

We see you — you’re busy with clubs meetings, part-time jobs, and most of all, chasing your career dreams. Don’t let textbook prices get in the way of achieving all your goals this semester. At $119.99 per semester, Cengage Unlimited is the way to go for your online textbooks and access codes this semester. TBH, we’ve all probably bought a single textbook that’s more expensive than this all-inclusive price, so this is most definitely a good deal. Prefer a physical copy of your textbook? Each access code gives you the option to a print textbook, sent to you for just $7.99, plus FREE shipping.

Get the all-essential study resources

Easily one of the best things about Cengage Unlimited are all the extras that come with the package. Not only will you have unlimited access to online Cengage textbooks, you’ll gain access to free resources from some of your college favs including Chegg, Kaplan and Quizlet for must-have study guides, flashcards and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore career options and boost your resume through the subscription’s Career Center.

One of the best perks about Cengage Unlimited is that even after your subscription ends, you can keep up to six of your online textbooks for an entire extra year — perfect for wrapping up loose ends for your class coursework or for refreshing yourself on past material.

TBH, we’re wishing we found out about this subscription service earlier. With unlimited access to online textbooks and super helpful resources for your classes and career, Cengage Unlimited is a must-have for your fresh start this spring.