Where to Look for Summer Internship Housing

After months of filling out tons of applications and sending emails to employers all over the country, you finally landed your dream internship! You’ve already spoken with the internship coordinator and have all of the details. The only thing left to worry about is where you’re going to live, and that shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

Unfortunately, finding housing in places like New York City can be really tough, especially when saving money isn’t really your forte. Don’t worry; we’ve got all the info you’ll need to find a great place this summer. Here are some options to look into before June!

Educational Housing Services

Educational Housing Services prides itself on offering tons of housing options for students interning in New York for the summer. Whether you’re interning in Upper Manhattan, Midtown/Queens or Brooklyn, Educational Housing Services (EHS) has tons of options for you to choose from. Not only are dorms available, one of their residences is located within The New Yorker Hotel!

On the site, you can choose which part of New York you’re interning in. Then, fill in some basic information about yourself and how many people you’d like to stay with. Within the next few minutes, EHS will send you an email with options selected just for you and payment information! Each room comes fully furnished with a bed, a desk, Wi-Fi access and 24-hour security.

Concerned about how you’re going to get around in the Big Apple? EHS has information about transportation to and from your internship as well as how to master the crazy art of hailing a cab. With subway and bus routes online, EHS is definitely a great option to research while searching for housing.

Other University Housing

Tons of universities open their residence halls to students from across the country every summer! New York University offers summer housing to non-students starting at $181 per week, but in order to stay in the less expensive dorms, you must purchase a meal plan, which can get a bit pricey ($130-$160/week).

Interning in Chicago this summer? The University of Illinois at Chicago offers summer housing to interns for $45 per night for the first three weeks. The longer you choose to stay, the lower your daily rate is. Located in the heart of University Village, UIC’s Thomas Beckham Hall opens its doors to interns and offers the opportunity to network with students from around the country.

Laundry, cable television and Internet are available for interns staying at UIC as well. Less than a mile from downtown with pay parking available, the University of Illinois at Chicago is a very feasible option for students interning in the Windy City!


If you’re completely against staying in a dorm this summer, check out Airbnb for some awesome subleasing options! The people who list their rooms on this website sublease everything from one room to an entire apartment. Plus, listings are offered for a range of time limits. Whether you’re staying in your city for a month and a half or the entire summer, Airbnb has tons of options for you to choose from!

While Airbnb does not routinely perform background checks on its users, the site offers a number of features to build a safe community such as a secure messaging system, user reviews and identification verification. Airbnb has specifically created a secure payment system to ensure that money is fully collected and safe.

Plus, this website gives you the opportunity to view the rooms you’re about to sublease before you book with tons of pictures! Each listing, along with pictures, comes with info about which subway route to take or which bus to hop on, what stores are in close vicinity and the other tenants in the apartment. If you have a strict budget you’re looking to adhere to, Airbnb allows you to customize your housing search by price so you’re only shown options that work for your specific price point!

Landing that internship that you love is only half the battle. When it comes to finding housing in larger cities, start researching early! The earlier you start researching, the more options will be available and they’ll definitely be a whole lot cheaper. Plus, you’ll be much less stressed out!