What it’s Like Waiting to Hear Back from Internships

At this point you applied for your dream internship, you totally killed the interview and you even asked a connection to put in a good word. So what reason could there possibly be that you haven’t heard back yet?! You’ve done everything right, but waiting to hear back about your dream internship is even worse than waiting for your crush to text you back after you use an embarrassing emoji mid-conversation.

“Just relax,” you tell yourself.

You remind yourself what an incredible candidate you are for the position.

Asking your friends how long it took to hear back from their internship seems like a good idea…

…but then you immediately regret asking anyone, because of course they heard back right away.

You check your email obsessively.

Your phone is mocking you. You can’t stop staring at it, waiting for the call.

You just keep waiting.

And waiting.

Annnnnnnnd waiting.

When your phone rings, you excitedly jump to answer it—but it’s just your mom asking if you heard back yet. Nope.

Distraction is key. You try everything. You clean your whole apartment.

You even go to the gym, for crying out loud.

You take drastic measures to get through this.

Then finally—miraculously—you get that magical phone call.

When you answer, you’re somewhere between excited and nauseous.

They’re taking too long to tell you whether you got it or not, and you’re freaking out. Enough with the small talk!

Finally, they tell you that you got the job and you do a silent mini-celebration while pretending to listen to their instructions for next steps.

Congratulations, intern, you did it!