A Timeline of Your Typical Workday

Whether you're serving coffee at your local Starbucks or working at your dream internship at a fashion magazine, there are days when we all know the struggle of the 9-5 job. Don't worry, collegiettes—we get it, too.

You wake up looking like this...

But after you put on a little makeup and your favorite dress, you know you're looking awesome.

Add some coffee into your morning, and you're unstoppable.

But why is the train to work late?

And how did all your coworkers get here with time to spare?!

You finally sit down and get to work...

...only to realize the enormous project you thought was due today was actually due yesterday.

And your fear of your boss is steadily increasing.

At 11 a.m., you start counting down the minutes until your favorite time of day.

Until you and your sweet prize are united.

But the post-lunch crash hits you hard.

But you decide to keep trying to work hard to impress your coworkers.

You have to tell that creepy guy in the cubicle next to you that you still can't get drinks on Friday night.

Is time actually moving backwards?

You decide to distract yourself by working extra hard.

But food.

And Facebook stalking.

And office gossip.

But then it's only 4 p.m., and you're already watching the clock.

Has anything ever taken this long?

You're dreaming about what it's like to go home to your sweet bed...

...and finally, sweet liberty!

You make your way home at your leisure...

...and you're reunited with your SO (your bed).

You can do it tomorrow... we promise.