Teen Vogue VP & Publisher Talks the Future of Magazines

At this year’s Her Campus National Intercollegiette Conference, we were fortunate enough to have some amazing keynote speakers. Those of you who were lucky enough to attend will remember just how inspiring they all were and how much you learned from them! However, if you weren’t able to attend the conference, then don’t worry, because you can check out the videos of our incredible keynote speakers on our YouTube channel!

On Sunday, July 28, Jason Wagenheim, Vice President and Publisher of Teen Vogue, was our awesome afternoon keynote speaker!  Jason oversees advertising, marketing, and innovation across all print, digital, social, and mobile platforms for the magazine. In 2012, Jason launched Back-to-School Saturday, a new national retail holiday in August that brings together more than 40 fashion, retail, and beauty brands and includes events and promotions in 45,000 retail stores across all 50 states. He also created Teen Vogue Insider, a mobile platform that allows users to connect with advertisers and editorial in Teen Vogue as well as receive special offers on merchandise.

Before working at Teen Vogue, Jason was the Vice President and Publisher of Glamour and the Publisher of Entertainment Weekly. Jason was the Associate Publisher of Vanity Fair before he worked at EW. Jason was also the Executive Director of the Condé Nast Media Group, where he managed corporate sales and marketing for an incredible 21 magazines, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Glamour, and The New Yorker.

Watch Jason’s incredible (and hilarious!) speech below, where talks about “Magazines 3.0” and the development of the magazine industry, the progress of his incredible career, and the impact of technology and events on the magazine industry.