Summer Internship S.O.S.: How To Deal With Internship Issues

After the long process of resume rewrites and anxiously awaited call-backs, Shelby M., 20, a junior at NYU, finally scored a competitive publishing internship. And like every other eager intern on that uneasy first day, Shelby awoke to an all-too-early alarm, ironed out an appropriate outfit from her new wardrobe and allotted enough time on the subway for even the most extreme of delays and disasters. 
What Shelby did not plan for, however, was a deserted office. It was 20 minutes of awkward waiting before a receptionist eventually moseyed in. With no idea of what to do with the bright-eyed intern, the woman only shooed Shelby into an empty lobby. Nearly an hour later, the (newly disheartened) intern was finally put to work—by sorting the office mail.
The internship eventually improved, but the whole experience was not without its major curveballs and setbacks. And chances are, if you’ve ever been an intern anywhere, you’ve experienced something like Shelby did—whether it, too, had to do with that awkward first-day confusion, or whether the chaos lasted throughout. Truth is, we often put so much energy and focus into earning our dream internships that it’s easy to be totally disappointed by how the experience actually shapes up.
But hey collegiettes™, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a hand in directing your internship. Sure, you may be on the (very) low end of the totem pole, but there are still actions you can take to make the most out of your situation. Now that summer internship season is in full swing, you may have a few woes of your own, and we’re here to help you smooth them out!
Read on learn our top four internship obstacles—and how to successfully troubleshoot your way out of disaster...