Starting Your Own Business with Shopify: A Collegiette Experience

Over the last few months, HC Contributor Nicole Karlis followed through on a web-based business idea from conception to execution. How did she do it so quickly and easily? By using to design and customize her own landing page, online store and marketing initiatives. Be sure to catch up on any of her posts that you may have missed, and read on to learn how to create your own money-making home on!

The Collegiette Advantage
If you’re a fan of Her Campus, chances are you’ve heard the amazing entrepreneurial journey that its founders, Windsor, Stephanie and Annie, took from Harvard undergrads to the helm of a media network. In the current economy, more and more of us are looking to entrepreneurship rather than traditional routes for our post-grad lives – and it’s sites like Shopify that make this possible for each and every one of us.
In Nicole’s past posts, she highlighted some of the great features that she had access to – from personalization to search engine marketing to privacy for those under-construction times. But with all of those possibilities, where do you start?
Well, I’ve rounded up some of the best Shopify ventures to kick start your creative juices. Whether you’re a photographer, a jewelry designer or a writer – there’s a way to make Shopify work for you.