How She Got There: Jess Hastings, Bounty Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble

Name: Jess Hastings
Age: 32
Job Title and Description: Bounty Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble
College Name/Major: University of Kentucky/BA (Integrated Strategic Communication & Spanish Majors; Business Minor); Ohio State University/MBA
Instagram Handle: @jessicaroma9

Let's face it: our fantasies at this point almost exclusively revolve around finding a company that we love (that also loves us) and growing with that company. Platonic and romantic relationships are cool and all, but sometimes we just want to fall in love with our job — and that's absolutely alright. Thankfully, Jess Hastings, the Bounty Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble, has some seriously smart advice on how you can find your perfect vocation. 

Her Campus: What does your current job entail? Is there such a thing as a typical day?

Jess Hastings: My current job entails managing an iconic multi-billion dollar brand. It includes P&L responsibilities, marketing and leadership of a team. Every day is different but that’s part of what I love. This role definitely keeps me on my toes!

HC: What is the best part of your job?

JH: Working alongside incredibly smart and wonderful people to solve problems together daily.

HC: What was your first entry-level job in your field and how did you get it?

JH: Assistant Brand Manager. I got an internship after my first year of business school and received an offer to return full time upon graduation. What words of wisdom (well-known quotes, an anecdote from your boss) do you find most valuable? “Be where you are.” This phrase or mantra is super powerful to me as a working mom. I remind myself daily to be present at work when I’m there and at home when I’m there. Multi-tasking sounds like a good idea but I find I’m at my best when I’m fully present.

HC: What is one mistake you made along the way and what did you learn from it?

JH: I’ve faltered in the past by not believing in myself. I’ve learned that I perform at my peak when I have a quiet inner confidence. It takes practice but it’s absolutely critical to work on erasing self-doubt and lean into my strengths!

HC: What has been the most surreal moment of your career thus far?

JH: Learning about the opportunity to take on my current role. It’s a job I had dreamed about having when I first came to the company!

HC: What do you look for when considering hiring someone?

JH: Passion! Most of what we do in brand management can be taught but you can’t teach someone to have drive and passion.

HC: What advice would you give to a 20-something with similar aspirations?

JH: Be focused on what you want and go after it! Be very specific when defining your dreams and aspirations and tactically build a plan to make it happen. As an example, my desire to work at P&G influenced what graduate school I went to!

HC: What's the one thing that's stood out to you the most in a resume?

JH: Leadership experience always stands out to me most. Whether it’s in a professional context or a campus organization, true leaders always find a way to take things to the next level. I love to see that shine through on a resume.