How to Make Extra Money Before School Starts

We feel ya, HCers. We know you’ve been hard at work at your part-time summer job or internship and summer is flying by faster than you can keep track. Soon we’ll be packing up our apparel, desk lamps, and favorite comforter and heading back to campus. It’s always a good idea to have some extra money on you too, of course–be it for designer splurges, food, or your emergency fund.  But there is almost no way to get hired for a part-time job for only a month–it is seen as a waste of time and energy for employers. So avoid hitting up and opt for some more creative ways to fatten up your wallet. Check out these ideas for bringing in some extra money before you have to hit the books again.

Ditch theinfectious reruns of Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami and watch Selena, Demi, and Miley in the shows that made them famous. The youngsters you looked after in high school may be too old now, so ask your hometown network to see if anyone could use a hand. If you’re having trouble finding a family, check out websites like that match up babysitters with babysittees. Babysitting tests your supervisory skills, basic cooking abilities, and helps you feel young again. When it comes time to determine pay, your family will either decide on a certain rate or ask for your preferred hourly wage. For a small, part-time gig such as this, consider a decent asking price of $8.00/hr. Once you get the job, keep the kiddies and their parents satisfied by buying some sidewalk chalk and creating a masterpiece on the driveway.
Pet Sit
Are the Johnsons going out of town without Whiskers and Buster? Ask neighbors and locals if they could use a hand with their precious pets while they’re away. You can come up with your own asking price or come to a compromise with the people you’re working with. Again, a basic $8.00/hr wage is a good asking price. Don’t know anyone who needs a pet sitter? Place a legitimate posting on and you’re bound to get some interested customers. Another idea: register to be an official dog walker and let the customers come to you!
Lemonade on the Bike Path

Those youngin’s down the street have the right idea–you can make lots of money by creating and selling your own citrus drink. The trick is to find the right venue to sell it! University of Rhode Island junior Nicole Leporacci found just the spot during her freshman year summer. “My friend and I stood outside on the bike path a few minutes from our high school for half an hour and made $40,” she said. “It was such a hot day, who knows how much more we could have made if we stayed longer!” Follow Nicole’s lead by getting plenty of lemonade mix, cups, and ice and setting up temporary shop on your local path. Then take a trip down the road yourself for a fun recreational activity.
You know what they say–one HCer’s trash is another one’s treasure! Sort through your closet or miscellaneous college stuff and figure out what you no longer need. Some of your more expensive stuff like furniture or special frames are great items to sell on Ebay. Register yourself as a seller and build a positive reputation for yourself. You want a 97% and higher reliability percentage, so make sure your transactions go smoothly. Feeling generous? Try the “Sell for Charity” option and generate revenue for a good cause like She’s the First or Donate My Dress.
Trade in Your Old Designer Faves

Give that old Marc Jacobs bag a new home–sell your old designer favorites through the process of consignment. This is when you give an object to another person while keeping ownership until the piece is sold. features a plethora of high-end apparel and accessories from everyone, even Jimmy Choo and Fendi. The site will pay you 50% of your item’s final selling price and you can have the satisfaction of giving your beloved piece to a well deserving home. Just make sure your item is in fairly good condition (no stains, broken zippers, etc.) and you’ll be in great shape!  For more ideas on what to do with the clothes you never wear, check out this HC article!
Sell Old Textbooks
Your university may have a “sell back” policy, but as most of us can attest, you probably won’t receive much back for it. Offer your textbooks at a discounted price via or Just make sure you consistently monitor your profile–you don’t want a lingering purchase sitting there!
Turn Change into Bills

Time to crack open that piggybank from high school–or at least that coffee jar of quarters and other change that’s been sitting on your desk forever. It’s now time to meet your new BFF: CoinStar. This handy machine at your local supermarket will count all of your money to save you some time. Only downside? 7% gets taken out and kept by CoinStar. Solution? Pick up some coin rollers at the bank and compile your money by hand. You’ll love flipping through those green bills after all of your hard work!
Phew! With all of these ways to make bank during those final weeks of summer, the real question is, what will you do with all of those extra bills?
How else do you make $$ in a short amount of time? Sound off in the comments section!
Nicole Leporacci, University of Rhode Island junior