The Hidden Costs of College and How to Budget for Them


Hidden cost: Entertainment
Solution: Borrow movies and music.
Instead of spending money renting movies and buying CD’s, Andie suggests renting them from your school’s library. She also suggests using your laptop to watch movies and TV shows instead of spending that extra money on a TV and cable.
Bonus solution: Get a job.
Most schools offer work-study programs for students who qualify. Andie suggests working on campus or close to it if you don’t have a car. Plus it keeps you closer to everything that’s going on and in the loop with the university. “I was a TA, and Administrative Assistant and I got paid for working for my school’s newspaper,” she said. “And (working) just a few hours a week can actually add up.” Read this article from HC about finding a great job on your campus!
College life can be expensive, but there are little loopholes that can cut the costs. You just have to be on the lookout for them!
Jessica Scales, Elon University
Andie Diemer, 2009 Elon graduate
Lynn O’Shaughnessy, Author, The College Solution,