Glamour's 20 Amazing Young Women: Syreeta Gates, Works with SWT Life and gets Brooklyn young adults tested for HIV

Syreeta was honored as one of Glamour's 20 Amazing Young Women at the 2010 Glamour Women of the Year Awards. Read about the other honorees here.

Syreeta Gates


Year in school and school: 
Sophomore Hunter College (CUNY BA Program)
Your email address:
[email protected]
Your website:,
Your "claim to fame" - aka why you were part of Glamour's 20 Amazing Young Women!: 
Getting over 500 youth tested for HIV in Brooklyn, the work I have done with The SWT Life
What are you doing to change the world?
Empowering and inspiring young people to be their absolute best.
What was your inspiration for this?
It is imperative that someone does it, someone is the solution to the many problems in our community, and it might as well be me.
What is a quotation or message that drives you?
“What’s the worst that can happen?”
What has been your proudest accomplishment so far?
Running the Ministers of Culture Program with SAFE
At what one point did you really feel like you'd made an impact?
At the end of the program, I was able to truly witness the young people’s growth when they were teaching other youth what they learned.
What would you say was the "coolest" moment in your life thus far?
Oprah winking at me at the Glamour Awards
In 10 years I hope...
X out the hope. In 10 years I will have dynamic young people running The SWT Life, I will be doing other impactful work to support youth.
What would you be doing if you weren't doing this?
Doing this. It was meant to be.
What 3 adjectives would people use to describe you?
Futuristic, motivational, impactful
What is your biggest weakness?
Giving too much to others and not enough to myself
Who is your hero and why?
Jay Z and Oprah they have defied the boundaries of what people from an urban or rural environment were supposed to become.
Who is your biggest cheerleader, supporting you every step of the way?
My mom, godmothers and grandmother
Describe your idea of a perfect day.
Waking up having a cup of red zinger tea
Working out
Reading for an hour
Rocking with some young people for 3 hours
Checking a few emails (No spam lol)
Listening to the “Battery” playlist in my ipod
Getting a full 8 hours sleep
Creating new ideas
Finalizing a project
Which of this year's Glamour WOTY award winners would you most like to meet and why?
Julia Roberts, she seems like a really cool person who has a lot of insight about the world.
What was your favorite part of Glamour's WOTY Awards?
Every aspect was great, I was grateful to be a part of it with such breathtaking women who are raising the bar and changing the world.
What did you wear to Glamour's WOTY Awards?
A black dress and gold and black blazer Styled by: Sincere Armani (Thanks lol)
Who did you bring as your guest to Glamour's WOTY Awards?
My mother
Who do you think should win a Glamour WOTY Award next year?
Erica Ford (Life Camp Inc)
What is your favorite thing about Glamour magazine?
It allows young women to be a part and contribute to something much bigger than themselves.
How does it feel to be honored as one of Glamour Magazine's 20 young women who are already changing the world?
It feels like I got to sit on Oprah’s couch, it was a powerful experience getting recognized for the work I do.
What advice would you give to our college women readers?
Make whatever dreams you have a reality and if you get stuck feel free to email me @ [email protected] I would love to assist you with fulfilling them.