Fashion Designer Josie Natori Shares Her Business Secrets

At this year’s Her Campus National Intercollegiette Conference, we were fortunate enough to have some amazing keynote speakers. Those of you who were lucky enough to attend will remember just how inspiring they all were and how much you learned from them! However, if you weren’t able to attend the conference, then don’t worry, because you can check out the videos of our incredible keynote speakers on our YouTube channel!

For Saturday’s morning keynote, Josie Natori, founder and CEO of The Natori Company, sat down with Jaqui Lividini, CEO and founder of Lividini & Co., for an exciting discussion where Josie shared her business secrets.

Listen to these two incredible women talk about Josie’s amazing career, the importance of challenges and change, and her business secrets in the video below! Make sure you don’t miss out on what these amazing women have to say.