Cuce Shoes: The New Shoe Craze For Female Sports Fans

For sports fans and twin sisters Kathleen and Kristina Cuce, an idea started with cold feet.

My sister [Kristina] is a huge Colts fan, and we really didn’t know what shoes to wear [to the game] because it was freezing, so we figured perhaps a lot of other women felt that way,” Kathleen Cuce said.
While pro teams have finally started to provide women’s lines of clothing, no prominent female sports footwear lines exist on the market, and that was incentive enough for the Cuce sisters to begin to brainstorm two years ago.
Eager to launch their boots idea, the sisters from Virginia Beach put their heads together and began a lengthy research process. Once they had samples set in place, it was time to make their written blueprints and drawings into an actual product, but convincing people to listen wasn’t so easy.
That was probably one of the hardest things that we had to do,” said Kathleen. “My sister is really persistent. She was literally just emailing, leaving messages hoping someone would get back to us. After about the third or fourth month of just pretty much harassing, finally someone said,  ‘Okay, what is it?’ and we talked to them.”
After flying to New York City and presenting their plan to NFL business representatives, a few months later the sisters got the call that their shoes were given a green light.
Today, these first time licensees have launched Cuce Shoes, and their brand includes three different types of boots that feature designs for every NFL team and a select number of colleges. The sister duo plan to launch an NHL line after Thanksgiving and MLB boots are also in the works.