7 Ways To Make Money Before Going Back To School

6. Have a yard sale
You’re already going through old clothes — why not sift through your garage and the rest of your closet, too? Summertime is the perfect time for a yard sale, so grab a Sharpie and start posting flyers around town. Get rid of the stuff you never use (like the snowshoes collecting dust in the garage). Don’t want to organize a yard sale? Make bank on eBay by setting up your own account and selling your things online — Linda Lightman, owner of Linda’s Stuff, which brings in millions of dollars each year, got started by selling video games on eBay! It’s easy, hassle-free and you’re guaranteed to make a few bucks — but beware of unwanted fees! You’ll be charged to list items and you’ll pay eBay every time your items sell.
7. Teach computer lessons 

Wouldn’t it be cool if you got paid to teach someone how to use PowerPoint? Unlike our generation, our parents and grandparents didn’t grow up knowing how to use computers the way we did. Lucky for us, we can teach them. Believe it or not, some older folks will pay you to teach them the ropes from how to check their email to how to make a spreadsheet. “You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know basic computer skills,” says recent Emerson College graduate Michelle Golden. “I love doing and learning new things on programs like InDesign, so teaching it is just as fun.” Find clients by putting up signs at the library or your local senior center. Warning: go easy when introducing them to funny cat videos on YouTube. You might cause an addiction. Rate per hour varies depending upon your experience, but some individuals are willing to shell out $10 or more! 
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Colleen Wilson, Fairfield University ‘11
Michelle Golden, Fairfield University ‘11