7 Ways To Make Money Before Going Back To School

3. Earn money for your photography  
Are you the girl who always has the camera? If you’re already documenting life’s best moments on film, you may as well get paid for your hobby. What’s cool is that some companies and websites will pay you to take stock photos that they can use. Click, upload, send and the only thing you have left to do is wait for your paycheck. Start by checking out shutterstock.com, where the submission of photos can earn you anywhere from 25 cents to $75 per image upload
4. Participate in clinical studies 
Be a lab rat for a day! From taking surveys to testing products, psych and clinical studies can pay anywhere from $10 an hour to several hundred a study, depending on how much or a commitment the study is or how invasive it may be. Check Craigslist and local university websites for ads. Most studies will pay you in cash on the spot!
5. Consign your old clothes 

Before you pack up your bags with your fall and winter clothes to head back to school, now is the perfect time to sort through your summer apparel. Too-small shorts? Tank tops that you haven’t worn since 2002? Toss ‘em in a bag and bring them to your local consignment shop. Here, your clothes are given a value and you are given money based on how much they’re worth. While each store varies and will keep 30 to even 80 percent of commissions, bring in something really good (like a pair of Seven jeans or a gently-used Coach purse), and you could walk away with a nice wad of cash on the spot (sometimes totaling a few hundred dollars)