7 Ways To Make Money Before Going Back To School

Summer’s end is (somewhat) in sight and your wallet is feeling slim.
Sounds familiar, right? Whether you splurged one too many times on those adorable sundresses at Forever 21 or your car sucked up all your gas from trips to the beach, you’re searching every nook and cranny in your car for coins to buy coffee. Scrambling for cash isn’t any fun — and neither is starting the school year off broke. Luckily, we’ve found some last-minute ways for you to bulk up your wallet before going back to school (and to have some fun the rest of this summer). 
1. Tutoring 
Are you a math whiz or an expert English essayist?  Even though you’re not back in the classroom just yet, put your skills to good use as a summer tutor. Not only will you be helping to boost a kid’s grades, but you’ll also be making your bank account happy (though we can’t guarantee the same response from your tutee!). Spread the word by advertising at kid-friendly places like day camps and the local ice cream shops. It also doesn’t hurt to place a small ad in your town paper or emailing over email neighborhood list-servs where you can post your information as well as your hourly rate, which is typically $10-15 an hour for college-aged tutors.

2. Party Assistant 
Speaking of kids, don’t wish you could still be one for a day again? Good news: you can. Whether it’s dressing up as a clown, dabbling in face paint, refereeing games or supervising the Moon Bounce, parents always need an extra pair of hands at their kids’ summer birthday parties and sometimes, you get to join in on the fun too. Talk to your parents’ friends to let them know that you’re willing to help entertain. “Helping out at birthday parties and other neighborhood events not only is fun, but it’s an easy way for me to make money over the summer,” says recent Fairfield University graduate Colleen Wilson. “The more parties I do, the more other parents see me and ask if I’ll help them out too!”  Cash in your pocket and cake? Say no more. Depending on how many kids there are and the tasks you have at hand, discuss prices beforehand with the parents.