4 Ways to Stay Informed When You’re Way Too Busy

As a student, it can be easy to get stuck in the campus bubble, completely absorbed in campus life and oblivious to what’s going on in the world outside of college. With classes, extracurriculars, work, a social life and everything else on your plate, who has time to sit down and read the entire newspaper?

It can be hard to keep up with what’s important without sifting through websites for hours. Here are some quick ways to stay informed that won’t intrude on your much-needed free (read: Netflix) time.

1. News apps

News apps such as Circa News, Digg or The Huffington Post’s app, all free for iOS and Android, are ideal for the collegiette on the go. These apps let you pull up an article at any time.

“The app Circa makes news reading way easier by dividing it up into comprehensive facts and pictures that you can swipe through at your leisure,” says Hannah Witherbee, a student at Dalhousie University.

Most major national newspapers also have their own app. Many have the option to send push notifications to your phone, so you won’t forget to check out what’s going on in the world.

2. Email newsletters

A super convenient way to get your news is through email. Email services like theSkimm do all the work for you by picking and choosing the most important daily headlines and sending updates right to your inbox. You can also try BBC Email News or the USA TODAY email newsletter.

3. Rivet News Radio

Listening to the news via radio is great for when you need to multitask. For the more modern listener, the Rivet News Radio app customizes your audio news based on your location, listening history, personal interests and preferences and is available free for iPhone and Android. Play the app while you’re getting ready or while you’re driving to class if you have a car so that you can get your daily fill while you commute.

4. Podcast apps

Podcast apps also let you listen to the news while on the go. “I like podcasts for when you have to walk somewhere, or are doing something like cooking or cleaning,” says Meaghan Carlson, a Dalhousie student. “I love NPR.”

Other apps like Umano let you listen as professionals read news articles out loud. You can be extra productive and listen while you’re eating breakfast or you’re on the treadmill at the gym.

Keeping up with what’s going on is mega important for any collegiette — after all, we should be informed about the world we live in, especially as we venture out into it after graduation.