4 Reasons You Need to Use Cengage Unlimited to Get Your Course Materials This Semester

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Not to be dramatic, but spending half my summer savings on textbooks every year is still my most painful experience to date—and I’ve been graduated for two years. I still cringe at the thought of throwing my card down for a stack of textbooks that would only be useful for a few months (and my spine is still paying the price, too). But because women support women, I’m not willing to let you make the same mistake—not when Cengage Unlimited exists to make your life so much easier (and cheaper) this semester. Here, exactly why you need to make the switch from paying per book to an all-in-one rate with Cengage Unlimited. 

  1. 1. You pay a flat rate for *all* of your Cengage course materials

    Take a deep breath and release all anxiety you might have surrounding paying for course materials. For the cost of what one individual textbook can cost, Cengage Unlimited gives you access to all of your Cengage access codes and Cengage online textbooks for a flat rate. Pay up once and you’ll have everything you need to succeed this semester. 

  2. 2. You’ll have access to additional study resources like Chegg, Kaplan, and Quizlet

    These resources saved me during all-nighters when I was in college—but I had to pay for each of them. With special offers from all three bundled into your Cengage Unlimited flat rate, it’s an actual steal (like...I literally feel like I’m robbing Cengage). 

  3. 3. You can still use hardcopy textbooks if that’s your vibe 

    Even though we’re in the ~digital age~ and all, sometimes you just need to hunker down with an IRL textbook—with pages you can turn and everything! With Cengage Unlimited, you can rent a hardcopy  version of any of your online textbooks for $7.99 (they’ll ship it to you for free*). 

  4. 4. You’ll have a digital career center at your fingertips 

    Because Cengage Unlimited is invested in your future, they’re making sure you have resources at hand to carry you through and beyond your college career. When you subscribe to Cengage Unlimited, you’ll be able to workshop your resume, hone in on your professional skills, and browse internship & career options all in one hub with their digital Career Center. 

Do yourself a favor and get started with Cengage Unlimited here.

*with each eligible course