15 Times You Have No Problem Spending Literally All Your Money

Right now, life is basically working 50+ hours a week and still being broke. We're not 100 percent sure how that works, but it probably boils down to a very nice employee discount and the fact that food exists. Here are 15 totally accurate times you have no problem spending all your money, because weakness. 

1. When there's a BOGO sale


2. When that direct deposit hits

Steak dinners 'erry night because you can. 

3. When you drink too much wine and online shop

Once the glass is empty, so is your bank account. 

4. When it's a Starbucks Double-Star Day

Your bank account cries on Double-Star Days, especially after that fourth iced latte. 

5. During the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

Bought like 15 bras and leggings cause they were $20 each. 

6. When you can justify your purchases 

"I'll use this for school, so it's okay if I spend $100." 

7. When your fave store is having a sale on its sale

Urban Outfitters, we're looking at you. #blessup

8. When you have no money to spend

Hitting up that Buffalo Exchange with all your clothes from middle school so you can buy more clothes. 

9. When you go to the grocery store and just buy snacks for the car ride home

And then you get home and realize you have no real groceries. 

10. When you're at the bar and money doesn't even matter

And then you get home and wonder why you only have a dollar. 

11. When your roommate wants to order food

When you only have $5 but she asks if you want pizza. 

12. When your mascara runs out so you go on a Sephora spree

If you're already there, why wouldn't you buy 40 lipsticks? 

13. When you commit to something and then realize it costs money

Super down to go to that Beyoncé concert with you! Wait, tickets are how much

14. When you get home from the mall and see your receipt

Everything added up reaaaaal quick. 

15. When you play debit card roulette at the checkout

At this point, your debit card is basically a gift card.