15 Signs You're a Poor College Student, as Told by 'The Office'

Living on a college budget is rough—especially if you love your Starbucks lattes and expensive makeup as much as we do. The guys from The Office understand your struggle.

1. You don't know how much you've spent lately, but you know it's A LOT

2. Naturally, you procrastinate on checking your bank statements

3. When you finally check them, your balance is roughly $12.54

4. It's okay, you can just survive on pizza slices until your next paycheck/allowance comes in

5. You crash club events for the free food

6. You steal condiment packets from fast food restaurants


7. You sometimes hang out in Trader Joe's just for the coffee and food samples


8. You collect coupons for Victoria's Secret and Express like nobody's business

9. You're down to be a guinea pig for a study if it will give you a bit of extra cash

10. When someone asks what you want for your birthday, you only have one response:

11. When your friend wants to go to a fancy brunch place, you're just like

12. Thinking about your finances post-graduation is not something you feel comfortable doing right now

13. Finding $5 in your jeans is like Christmas, except better

14. You overreact just a tad to getting paid on Venmo

15. And okay, finally receiving your check isn't too bad either