10 of the Colleges With the Most Financial Aid

It’s no secret that getting into college is more competitive than ever. Unfortunately, it’s also becoming more expensive. These days, a college education generally comes with a hefty price tag—but not everywhere!

But between crafting admissions essays and taking last-minute tests, you barely have time to think about the monetary costs of your future education. Not to worry – we’ve done the work for you! HC has scoured the nation to find 10 schools with some of the most generous financial aid programs. So instead of fretting about costs, you can focus on polishing your college app for all those eager admissions officers!

1. Williams College

Tuition (both in state and out of state): $43,000
Average Financial Aid Package: $10,440
Average Percent of Need Met: 100%

Paul Boyer, director of financial aid, explained what makes this university’s program unique. “Foremost is our ability to meet 100% of the demonstrated financial need of all students deemed eligible for aid.” Boyer said that this aid includes full coverage so students have no out-of-pocket costs. “Williams pays for all required books and art supplies for all courses a student is enrolled in.”