What It's Like to Study for Finals, as told by the Kardashians

1. You're chill AF during the weeks leading up to finals. You figure you've got plenty of time left so you don't even bother making a game plan.

2. But two weeks before the last day of classes, one of your professors reminds you that your final is cumulative. So obviously you blame them for ruining your life. 

3. But your professor looks at you like...

4. So you figure it's time to get serious. You've locked yourself in your room for the next 48 hours and you plan on being super ~productive~.

5. By productive, we mean spending half an hour strategically placing your books, coffee, and laptop around your desk to send your friends a few Snapchats just to prove how serious you are. 

6. And studying for 20 minutes tops and highlighting a few things just to take two hour intervals in between to scour the internet for Buzzfeed taste test videos. 

7. But, once you finally get back on track and learn a few things, you decide to reward yourself with just one episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

8. Five episodes later you start having a mental breakdown when you realize that, at this rate, your fate isn't looking so good.

9. You have so much studying left to do but you decide to take a nap because priorities.

10. Once you wake up, you attempt to study some more, but then you start looking at your notes like...

11. At this point, you've accepted the fact that concentrating isn't exactly going to be easy for you.

12. And you consider changing your major a few times. I mean, who wants to study cellular biology for a living anyway? 

13. But then you think about the fact that you need money to live...

14. ...so you can do things like this.

15. Once test day comes, you walk into the classroom like...

16. And you give yourself a pep talk before your TA hands out the exam. 

17. But once you get the test, you look at the first few questions like...

18. And you start to look around to see if anyone else is as lost as you are.

19. Eventually you suck it up and just finish the test. You don't even look your professor in the eye as you hand it in. 

20. But a few days later when you check your grade, you think it's too good to be true.

21. But then you reassure yourself that you're smart af and you decide not to question it.

22. Naturally you decide to go out and celebrate the only way you know how.