Don't Start The Week Without Reading Your Horoscope

Whether you're totally obsessed with astrology or are just curious about the power of the planets and your zodiac sign, it doesn't hurt to check in on current astrological ongoings for a bit of ~insight~ into your life. Here's what the week ahead has in store for your sign — you just might find some valuable intel on everything from elevating your daily grind or hitting your boldest goals (@Sag, your happiness will be on another level!), to making the most of your relationship. Read on for what to expect this week and if you know your rising sign/ascendant, you're going to want to take that in, too.


While the sun is in your communication zone from May 21 to June 21, you’ll be even more confident than usual about your goals. Brainstorming new approaches with friends and colleagues comes naturally, as well. The only hitch with this phase is that you may be overwhelmed with so many awesome ideas and need to narrow your focus. On Sunday, the moon in your spirituality zone harmonizes with Mars in your home zone, making it the perfect day to embrace whatever makes you feel secure and calm. Want to meditate, go to hot yoga, canceling those plans you felt lukewarm about and staying in to enjoy that CBD bath bomb? Go for it.


When it comes to dreaming up new ways to bring in more funds or amplify your existing stream, the sky’s the limit while Mercury is in your money zone from Tuesday to June 4. You’ll be eager to learn more and talk to higher-ups, apply to jobs, and do whatever research you need to do to take your cash flow to the next level. The more ideas you can get flowing, the better your chances of success. That same day, the moon in your adventure zone harmonizes with Venus in your sign, making it an ideal time to shake things up with your partner or BFF. Think heading to a concert or movie, going dancing, or enjoying an exotic meal—all activities that would make for an especially fun or romantic time now.


On Monday, the moon and Jupiter pair up in your partnership zone, fueling a super-lucky and social vibe. Whether you’ve been wanting to enjoy a fun night out with friends, go on a hot date with your partner or a potential S.O., or pitch a big idea that could help you take your academic/professional goals to the next level, today’s the day to get after it. From Tuesday until June 21, the sun is in your sign, boosting your confidence around your boldest personal goals. You’ll likely feel fired up, passionate, and capable—but maybe also a bit scatterbrained or overwhelmed at times, because there are just so many possibilities. Make sure to take time-outs to meditate on and set intentions around your truest desires, and go from there.  


On Tuesday, the sun moves into your spirituality zone where it remains until June 21, and you might be feeling a bit more withdrawn. It’s OK if you’re more interested in focusing on self-care than going out or RSVPing ‘yes’ to all of those invites now. Strive to strike the balance between well-deserved quiet, solo time and leaning into social support from loved ones and friends. For instance, on Sunday, the moon in your adventure zone harmonizes with Mars in your sign, and you’ll crave an eye-opening, unusual experience with your partner or closest friends. Sharing the moment with someone you care about makes it even more memorable.


On Monday, the moon and Jupiter pair up in your romance zone, setting the stage for major desire fulfillment with your S.O. or a potential partner. Sure, you might have deadlines to hit and chores to be checked off your list, but definitely go with any urges to flirt and even enjoy an impromptu date night. It could turn out to be rather magical. On Tuesday, Mercury moves through your friendship zone until June 4, and though you tend love to run the show, teamwork on a group project not only comes more naturally now, but it’s in your best interest. Collaboration can set everyone up for a round of applause.


From Tuesday until June 21, the sun moves through your career zone, amplifying your focus and confidence. Whether you’ve been itching to make a play for more responsibility, the opportunity to make a big presentation, or to take your studies or job to the next level, you’ll be feeling even more assured that your aspiration is within reach. That same day, the moon in your romance zone harmonizes with Venus in your adventure zone, bumping up the potential for flirtation with someone new or a magical date night with your S.O. If you feel like taking chance and doing something you’ve never experienced before, you can totally trust your intuition. The result could be amazing.


From Tuesday until June 4, Mercury moves through your higher learning zone, magnifying your curiosity and appetite for knowledge. It’s a perfect time to travel—especially  long-distance, like on a study abroad or business trip, if that’s in the cards—or to sign up for a class that will allow you to hone existing skills. Making new connections and trading imaginative ideas with existing ones feels especially exhilarating now. And on Tuesday, the moon in your home zone harmonizes with Venus in your intimacy zone, and the vibe is ripe for sharing what’s in your heart with your partner or a dear friend. Allowing yourself to feel vulnerable can make for a positive emotional breakthrough.


On Monday, the moon and Jupiter pair up in your money zone, and you’ll be feeling pumped—or at the very least, optimistic—about your current job sitch. Channeling that positive energy toward a bold move (think applying for a promotion or sharing long-term goals with your boss) has a high chance of paying off now. From Tuesday to June 21, the sun moves through your intimacy zone, boosting your confidence around expressing deep emotions. Even though this is an especially social time, you might be feeling like bowing out of major group hangs and focusing more on bolstering your closest connections—and getting after your steamiest desires. Owning and expressing this can feel transformative.


On Monday, the moon and Jupiter pair up in your sign, and your generally joyful mood could be on another level. You can use this energy to write up an ambitious professional proposal, experiment with your personal style, or treat yourself to a fun night out with your BFF or partner. Basically, whatever makes your heart happy is what you’ll want to do—and should definitely do. From Tuesday to June 4, Mercury moves through your partnership zone, boosting communication with your S.O., closest colleague, and/or BFF. Bouncing ideas off of these closest confidants will have you feeling even more focused and motivated to hit your own goals, as well as the ones you share with them.


On Tuesday, the moon in your sign harmonizes with Venus in your romance zone, setting the stage for sexy sparks with your partner or someone who definitely has the potential to be one. Though you’re generally anything but mushy, it’s natural to feel in love with love right now. In fact, removing any walls that you’ve built up for emotional self-protection and being real about what you want can make for a pretty dreamy end game. And from Tuesday to June 4, Mercury in your wellness zone reinforces your desire to learn more about self-care and your current fitness plan. Dive into all the research, and try those different workouts. What you learn now can have you feeling stronger mentally and physically.


From Tuesday to June 21, the sun moves through your romance zone, boosting your craving for lighthearted, spontaneous fun and flirtation. Though you generally prefer having a set game plan, going with the flow makes for even more magic right now. And you may also find expressing yourself creatively comes more naturally and feels especially therapeutic, so definitely pull out that journal or blank canvas, and run with any artistic impulses. On Sunday, the moon in your money zone harmonizes with Mars in your routine zone, and you could have a razor focus on switching up your schedule in a way that boosts productivity and income. If you can figure out how to sneak even more work-life balance into the mix, the better the upshot, too!


From Tuesday until June 21, the sun moves through your home zone, making this a time for prioritizing bonding with your loved ones and carving out well-deserved, tranquil downtime. Embrace your urges to sleep in, take your pup for long, leisurely walks, or trading that aggressive boxing class for restorative yoga. Whatever activities help you feel secure and centered are 100% on-point for this phase. On Sunday, the moon in your sign harmonizes with Mars in your romance zone, and you’ll want to share your desires with your partner or a potential love interest. Your confidence now is totally magnetic.