Your Horoscope Is Here! What to Expect This Week, Based on Your Sign

Whether you're totally obsessed with astrology or are just curious about the power of the planets and your zodiac sign, it doesn't hurt to check in on current astrological ongoings for a bit of ~insight~ into your life. Here's what the week ahead has in store for your sign — you just might find some valuable intel on everything from elevating your daily grind or hitting your boldest goals (@Aquarius, there's going to be lots of attention on you!), to making the most of your relationship. Read on for what to expect this week and if you know your rising sign/ascendant, you're going to want to take that in, too.


On Wednesday, Venus travels through your money zone until June 8, fueling your imagination and passion projects. Pitch that artistic idea or get together with friends to discuss a professional collab. Trusting your social and creative instincts during this time could bring in extra cash. On Saturday, the full moon falls in your intimacy zone, and if there’s a lack of reciprocity or a power imbalance in one of your closest relationships—with your partner or BFF—you’ll have to face it now. You’ll do well to have a heart-to-heart about balancing your needs and theirs.


While Venus is in your sign from Wednesday to June 8, you’ll get a burst of confidence and may enjoy any self-pampering or beauty-related activities more than usual. If you’ve been wanting to experiment with a new hairstyle or color or start a new wellness routine, this feels like the perfect time to. You’ll be craving more romance, too, so make sure to follow your heart when you want more time with your partner or to get out and flirt with a crush. From Wednesday until July 1, Mars in your communication zone makes you even more passionate about communicating your professional ideas and goals. Watch out for the tendency to dig your heels in; spirited collaboration and open-mindedness serves you better.


From Wednesday to July 1, Mars travels through your money zone, powering up your efforts to bolster your income. You’ll be on fire brainstorming ideas for hitting all your professional goals, applying for jobs, or making a play for even more responsibility at your current gig. As long as your heart is in it, and you’re truly fired up about your work, you’ll see sweet rewards. On Saturday, the full moon falls in your routine zone, and you could feel inspired to give your fitness plan or work efforts to the next level with a bit of a dramatic makeover. As energized as you may be to dive right into a new approach, meditating on what will really work in the long-run serves you better.  


From Wednesday to July 1, Mars moves through your sign, and if you weren’t already totally razor-focused on making major progress with school or your career in the next few weeks, you will be during this time. You’ll be feeling ambitious and energetic, and by trusting your instincts, you’re sure to see the results you’ve been dreaming of. But don’t forget to make room for fun, too, especially on Saturday when the full moon falls in your romance zone. You may be feeling like your work-life balance has been out of whack, so it’s time to prioritize carefree, lighthearted activities. Expressing yourself creatively and/or being spontaneous with your love or bestie can boost your happiness in a really powerful way.


From Wednesday to June 8, Venus moves through your career zone, emphasizing your creative instincts and social skills at school or on the job. Whether you’ve been wanting to meet with a higher-up to go over your long-term goals or work with colleagues on an ambitious project, you’ll have even more charisma and energy to knock it out of the park now. But on Saturday, when the full moon falls in your home zone, you could feel like you’re bordering on burnout from everything you’ve been working on. In order to recharge, it’s important that you give yourself a well-deserved time-out. That could mean chilling with your VIPs or canceling everything so you can order in, take a bath, and binge your fave show.


From Wednesday to July 1, Mars will move through your networking zone, giving you even more energy and confidence around group projects and connecting with others. Whether you want to impress professors or bosses, raise money for charity, or land a new job opportunity, do your best to spend more time with peers and colleagues and work as part of a team. The more you can collaborate, the better your chances of hitting your goals. On Thursday, Mercury in your adventure zone forms a harmonizing angle to Saturn in your romance zone, and you’ll want to be bold about expressing your most heartfelt emotions to your partner or a crush. Say what you want to say for your own good—and the rest will fall into place.


While Venus moves through your intimacy zone from Wednesday to June 8, you’ll crave a deeper connection with your partner or someone special. Though you may initially be nervous about having a super-open conversation about your needs, getting real is the fast track to getting what you want. On Saturday, the full moon falls in your money zone, and you may feel aggravated if your hustle has been sucking up the majority of your time lately. You might want to take a stand and carve out more time for other activities you love, as you’re feeling even more of a need for balance now. You’ll know in your gut the best way to proceed.



From Wednesday to June 8, Venus moves through your partnership zone, intensifying your need for togetherness with your S.O. or BFF. Collaborating on a project, working toward a joint goal, or just making a point to schedule chill time with one another strengthens your connection and makes your heart happy. On Saturday, the full moon in your sign lights up your desires, needs, and emotions around your identity. If you feel like you aren’t being seen or heard by those closest to you, you’ll feel like taking a stand. Speaking and acting in a way that feels true to your inner self and your emotions will be your main objective during this intense time.


From Wednesday to July 1, Mars moves through your intimacy zone, and though you tend to value your independence, you’ll be craving an especially deep, spiritual, sexual connection. If you’re attached, sharing your deepest needs with your partner and working toward fulfilling them, together, can feel super-satisfying. If you’re single, you’ll do well to set an intention around—and maybe even write down some notes about—the kind of relationship you want to manifest. On Thursday, Mercury in your routine zone forms a harmonizing angle to Saturn in your money zone, and you’ll be especially focused on your work and possibly even motivated to have a game-changing talk with a mentor or boss. Communicating in a way that reflects your ambition and pragmatism is particularly impressive right now.



While Venus moves through your romance zone from Wednesday to June 8, you’ll be glowing from the inside out, charismatic, and probably even a bit more playful than usual. If you’re single, you could be surprised by the number of dates you wrack up by barely swiping or going out. If you’re attached, flirting and enjoying downtime with your partner comes much more naturally. On Saturday, the full moon lights up your networking zone, and you might be reaching the finish line on a group project. Reflecting on how integral teamwork was to your ultimate success can set you up for similar wins down the road.  


While Venus moves through your home zone from Wednesday to June 8, you’ll be craving more downtime close to home. Whether you’re spending time with your partner or family members, you deserve to chill and enjoy lazy summery vibes. On Saturday, when the full moon is in your career zone, you might feel like the spotlight is suddenly shining on you at work or school. You’ll be recognized for your recent hard work and have an opportunity to make a play for even more success. Just be sure that the goals you’re going after reflect what’s in your heart.  


From Wednesday to July 1, Mars moves through your romance zone, and you’re all about going after what you want in your relationship or a potential one. If you’ve been itching to travel or just enjoy spontaneous playful time with your partner or friends, you’ll do well to get after it now. Everything you’ve been dreaming of is absolutely within reach. And on Saturday, when the full moon is in your adventure zone, you could be itching to break out of what feels like a rut and do something that broadens your horizons. The perfect game plan could look like taking an impromptu road trip or cool new yoga class.