Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here and Big Things Are Happening With the New Moon

Whether you're totally obsessed with astrology or are just curious about the power of the planets and your zodiac sign, it doesn't hurt to check in on current astrological ongoings for a bit of ~insight~ into your life. Here's what the week ahead has in store for your sign — you just might find some valuable intel on everything from elevating your daily grind or hitting your boldest goals (@Cancer, you’ve got the green light to get after bold wildest fantasies!), to making the most of your relationship. Read on for what to expect this week and if you know your rising sign/ascendant, you're going to want to take that in, too. 


Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling especially flirtatious around Wednesday when the new moon is in your romance zone. You’ll be thirsty for a chance to express what’s in your heart and kick it with people you adore. The more open you can be to setting a concrete plan aside and embracing spontaneous fun with your partner and friends, the more magic you’ll experience. Then, on Saturday, the moon in your daily routine zone harmonizes with Saturn in your career zone, making it easier to face an ongoing issue that’s been making school life or work challenging. You don’t even necessarily need a whole new solution; good, old-fashioned, solid communication should do the trick now. 


You can make a play for new responsibilities on the job or that class you’ve been wanting to get into once Mercury ends its retrograde and moves forward in your communication zone on Wednesday. You’ll finally start to shrug off any obstacles that have been holding you back from getting paperwork squared away or having important conversations with colleagues or classmates. Around the same day, when the new moon is in your home zone, meditate about ways you can bump up the cozy factor in your place. This could look like investing in new pillowcases, art, blankets, candles, or maybe even adopting a regular evening meditation practice. The moves you make now help you set a tranquil new tone.  


Breathe a sigh of relief, because any communication issues that have been throwing a wrench in your earning potential should start to clear up once Mercury ends its retrograde and moves forward in your money zone on Wednesday. Whether you’ve been mulling over potential side hustles to bring in cash or thinking about applying for a paid internship or new job on campus, you’ll be able to build true momentum. You can make the most of this energy until August 11. On Saturday, the moon in your home zone harmonizes with Saturn in your intimacy zone, making it the ideal time to have a heart-to-heart with your roomie, BFF, or partner about any emotional issues you might have been grappling with lately. Sticking to the facts and proposing a pragmatic approach allows you to find the best way forward. =


If you’ve felt a bit stuck in a limbo phase with your personal goals, you’ll feel some relief once Mercury ends its retrograde and moves forward in your sign on Wednesday. Anything that has been a total uphill battle (like nailing down the details around your living situation or activities for next semester) should get easier. Just make sure you’re being bold, asserting yourself as best you can, and remaining as patient as possible until things get fully straightened out. Around that same day, while the new moon is in your money zone, you might be inspired to pitch an exciting idea to your bosses or come across a cool op to bump up your income or save money. Whatever inspires you in this moment is something worth paying attention to, as it could set you up for rewards down the road.   


It may be your season, Leo, but you might not have had your time to shine just yet, given the intense planetary action as of late. Thankfully, around Wednesday, the new moon in your sign can serve as your very own New Year’s celebration, inspiring you to set lofty goals and take concrete action to get after them. Whether you want to take your wellness plan to the next level (either through more aggressive workouts or a new healing modality like acupuncture) or you want to level up your academic and career plan, you have the drive and energy to get it going now. On Friday, Venus in your sign squares off against Uranus in your career zone, and you might want to go all in on an eyebrow-raising but creative proposal in class or on the job. If it feels right intuitively and gets your adrenaline pumping, go for it. 


You’ll be better able to make progress on those group projects that have been stalled or taking forever to launch once Mercury ends its retrograde and moves forward in your networking zone on Wednesday. Take advantage of the collaborative vibes by brainstorming or doing team-building activities until August 11. Around that same day, given that the new moon is falling in your spirituality zone, you’ll want to build in well-deserved downtime. In your case, that could look like list-making, deep breathing meant to address anxiety, or a restorative yoga practice. Self-care helps you get centered on exactly what you want to achieve in short- and long-term, so you can visualize and start planning (yep, such a Virgo ~mood~) your path to success.


During this Mercury retrograde, it’s possible you’ve been on autopilot or banging your head against the wall, if you haven’t been making the progress you’d like to on the job and/or in the classroom. Thankfully, once Mercury moves forward in your career zone on Wednesday, you’ll feel encouraged to go after those big picture goals again in an assertive way. You might even get recognized by a professor or boss for your applause-worthy efforts. Around August 2, Venus in your friendship zone squares off against Jupiter in your intimacy zone, bumping up your need for spontaneity, freedom, and excitement in your relationships. See it as a chance to break out of your comfort zone by having an eye-opening, out of the norm experience with bae or your BFFs. 


Whether you’ve been daydreaming about making a play for more responsibility at your internship or around campus, you have a special opportunity to set a solid intention and get after it on Wednesday when the new moon is in your career zone. Your passion and dedication are assets even more than usual right now. Bosses and professors are sure to be impressed with your bold efforts. On Saturday, the moon in your networking zone squares off against Jupiter in your money zone, and you might be a bit overzealous when it comes to taking on tasks related to a group assignment. It’s totally OK to ask for help! 


Let’s be real: You’re always fantasizing about study abroad programs or other ways you can get out into the world to enjoy exciting, educational experiences. You’ll have a unique chance to zero in on and start planning your next big wanderlust fix around Wednesday when the new moon is in your adventure zone. Your enthusiasm, ambition, and the practical details can all help you get the ball rolling on making this dream come true. That same day, Mercury moves forward in your intimacy zone. You’ll feel even less inhibited than usual expressing sexual and/or emotional needs with a partner or potential bae. 


It’s possible you’ve felt like you’ve been speaking a totally different language than your partner, BFF, or a classmate with whom you’ve had to work closely, thanks to Mercury retrograde. But on Wednesday, the communication planet moves forward in your partnership zone, making it easier to connect and get on the same page—finally! Working on taking any shared goals to the next level before August 11. On Saturday, the moon in your higher learning zone harmonizes with Saturn in your sign, giving you the patience to tackle an ongoing frustration at school or on the job. The key to landing on top: standing up for your needs while remaining sensitive to others’. 


Whether you’ve been wanting to deepen your commitment to your partner, meet someone amazing, or take steps forward on an ambitious project you’re working on with a dear friend, you can make major progress around Wednesday when the new moon is in your partnership zone. A confident, heartfelt approach can set the stage for fulfillment. That same day, Mercury ends its retrograde and moves forward in your health zone. Your efforts to bump up your self-care routine and fitness plan are sure to benefit from this shift. Build a bold game plan, then get after it. You’ve got this.  


Delays and drama might have been impinging on your attempts to just chill out and have summer fun while Mercury was retrograde. But on Wednesday, the communication planet moves forward in your romance zone, which means you can enjoy smoother sailing and more impromptu opportunities to make joyful memories with your partner and/or besties. Do your best to let go of the stress of the past few weeks to enjoy this sweet phase. Around that same day, the new moon falls in your health zone, offering you a chance to set a passionate intention related to your wellness. A bold game plan that also happens to fit into your weekly schedule is definitely worth pursuing now.