Don't Start the Week Without Diving Into Your Horoscope First

Whether you're totally obsessed with astrology or are just curious about the power of the planets and your zodiac sign, it doesn't hurt to check in on current astrological ongoings for a bit of ~insight~ into your life. Here's what the week ahead has in store for your sign — you just might find some valuable intel on everything from elevating your daily grind or hitting your boldest goals (@Sagittarius, prepare to turn deep, dreamy meditations into your new reality), to making the most of your relationship. Read on for what to expect this week and if you know your rising sign/ascendant, you're going to want to take that in, too.


You can breathe a sigh of relief now that Mercury retrograde is officially over, and on Sunday, the planet of communication moves back into your romance zone for the second time this year, helping you come across as more direct and playful until August 29. Take advantage by pitching a creative project and sharing your feelings with your partner or potential bae. This could lead to experimenting in your sex life or getting out and joyful new experiences. That same day, Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde in your higher learning zone, making it easier to plan a big trip (like that study abroad) or the next phase of your education. One step at a time!


On Monday, the moon in your daily routine zone squares off against Saturn in your higher learning zone, and you might find yourself having to put extra time into an ongoing project. Feeling like you’re not being recognized for your efforts is a possible side effect now, too. Doing your best to focus on what you’re personally learning and gaining from the experience now can help. On Sunday, Uranus, the planet of revolution, begins its retrograde through your sign, signaling a five-month period of reflecting on how you can break out of ruts and strike out on your own to achieve personal goals. You could be drawn to new ways to practice healing and better understand where you want to go from here. Think Reiki or a particular kind of meditation (like yoga nidra).


From Sunday to August 29, Mercury moves through your communication zone for the second time this year, making you even more curious and social than usual. You can’t help but have fired-up convos with friends and classmates, which are sure to spark new strategies for tackling your academics and other major goals. For example, if your bestie can’t stop raving about that new boxing studio, you’ll do well to give it a shot! That same day, you’ll enter a five-month period when you might be craving significant change to your throughout your self-care practice, thanks to Uranus’ retrograde through your spirituality zone. Although you might feel like you need to overhaul everything STAT, this period is more about reflecting on what’s serving you and what’s not—then going from there.


Whether you’ve been wanting to send out a flurry of resumes for a new internship or make a play for a raise from your current hustle, this is the month to get after it. You’ll get a burst of super-aggressive energy, thanks to Mercury’s second trip through your money zone this year, lasting from Sunday to August 29. Making a winning case for yourself has never been easier, as you’ll be feeling confident and have a knack for straightforward, passionate communication. The same day, Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde and moves forward in your health zone, making it easier to expand your day-to-day wellness plan. You’ll feel optimistic and capable of adding in new practices and routines (think seeing an acupuncturist or going for morning runs). 


On Sunday, Mercury re-enters your sign until August 29, lighting up your ability to advocate for yourself and express what’s in your heart even more than usual. Pitch that bold proposal to your professor or bosses, or spend time journaling so you can get super-clear on long-term goals. The more you can put your wildest dreams into words now, the closer you’ll be to making them a reality. That same day, Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde in your romance zone, marking a new phase in which you can turn your sexiest, most playful, creative fantasies into part of your everyday life. The key: letting go of the need to produce and direct every moment, as embracing a go-with-flow mood will help shape the sweetest shifts.


Feeling like you have to put your nose to the grindstone for the sake of a paycheck or a grade versus your personal passion could feel particularly frustrating on Monday when the moon in your money zone squares off against Saturn in your creativity zone. While this could translate to momentary gloominess, remind yourself of all the ways you’re on track in terms of pursuing your big picture goals, which can help the stress around this moment dissipate. Then, from Sunday to August 29, Mercury moves into your spirituality zone for the second time this year, fueling a more meditative vibe. Leaning into your most imaginative impulses (like free writing or painting). You’ll also do well to take a time-out from being super-social, if you feel the need, as solo time spent daydreaming now can set you up for success in the weeks and months ahead. 


Mercury retrograde might be officially over, but don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re speaking a completely different language than your professors, classmates, or colleagues on Tuesday when the moon in your sign squares off against Mercury in your career zone. And you might struggle to express how you really feel about an aggravating situation. Patience and a sense of humor can help you navigate this annoying moment. Thankfully, once Mercury makes its move back into your friendship zone on Sunday, where it hangs til August 29, you’ll feel like collaboration is the key to accomplishing just about everything—from class projects to professional aims and planning all those upcoming parties and events. You’ll enjoy the super-social vibes, since you’ll be right in your element.


You’re bound to feel even more fearless than usual as you pursue everyday and long-term career goals thanks to Mercury’s second trip through your career zone from Sunday to August 29. Consider reaching out to someone whose professional path has been a total inspiration to you, or talk to your mentors about ways you can step up your extracurricular game. The game plan you come up with will have you fired up. That same day, Uranus shifts into a retrograde through your partnership zone, requiring you to be more introspective about the ways your closest one-on-one relationships are working—or not. Over the next five months, you’ll be honing your awareness around the changes that will serve you best, and you’ll know exactly how to proceed.


Think back to April 10, which was when your key planet Jupiter shifted backward in your sign. Since then, you’ve likely been doing more meditating and reflecting than actually making major moves to get after long-term goals. It’s all good, though, because that downtime has set the stage perfectly for the action phase you’re about to enter on Sunday, when Jupiter moves forward. You can finally start taking steps to make that long-term dream come true. Also starting the same day, you’ll get back-up support from Mercury, moving through your higher learning zone, for the second time this year, until August 29. It’s the ideal time to sharpen your skill set.


On Monday, the moon in your career zone squares off against Saturn in your sign, and you could very well feel like you’re butting heads with your professors and/or bosses no matter what. The fix: focusing on what you can control, trusting your gut instead of others for validation as best you can, and employing your tried-and-true stress management techniques (deep breathing, anyone?). Then, on Sunday, Mercury moves into your sexual intimacy zone for the second time this year, where it hangs until August 29. Whether you’ve been wanting to feel closer to your current partner or level-up your connection to a potential S.O., you’ll do well to be more direct and expressive when it comes to your deepest desires and emotions. A sexy text marathon or being more assertive in the bedroom could serve up serious fireworks.


All you’ll want is to have a good time with your partner and/or friends on Thursday when Venus in your partnership zone harmonizes with Jupiter in your friendship zone, and that’s exactly what the mood is right for. Bonus: The vibes of the moment have you feeling more centered and upbeat. On Saturday, the moon in your networking zone squares off against Neptune in your money zone. You might have trouble pinpointing the best way to tackle a group project at work or in class. You’ll do well to wait until you have more clarity before making a master game plan and moving forward.


You’ll be drawn to researching a new workout plan that fits better into your schedule this coming semester or experimenting with healthy, yummy recipes from Sunday to August 29, thanks to Mercury moving through your health zone for the second time this year. By taking a positive, go-getter, holistic approach to your wellness goals, and focusing on feeling more vital more than anything else, you’ll find you’re right on track. The same day, Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde in your career zone, boosting your confidence around your professional pursuits. You’ll finally start to see some momentum when it comes to getting after big picture dreams. Believing in yourself and embracing your inner sense of adventure can be a huge help.