Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here, Prepare Accordingly

Whether you're totally obsessed with astrology or are just curious about the power of the planets and your zodiac sign, it doesn't hurt to check in on current astrological ongoings for a bit of ~insight~ into your life. Here's what the week ahead has in store for your sign — you just might find some valuable intel on everything from elevating your daily grind or hitting your boldest goals (@Taurus, it’s the beginning of a whole new chapter for you!), to making the most of your relationship. Read on for what to expect this week and if you know your rising sign/ascendant, you're going to want to take that in, too.


On Friday, the moon in your sign harmonizes with Jupiter in your adventure zone, and you’ll be craving excitement with friends or your partner. Go with it, embracing the spontaneity of the moment, while getting out of your comfort zone. You could end up having a seriously eye-opening experience. On Saturday, the new moon in your income zone makes it the perfect time to envision your long-term money-making goals. Get clear on what you want, then apply for that side hustle or pitch a project that could bring in some extra cash.  


For about five months, starting on Monday, Saturn will be retrograde in your higher learning zone. You’ll need to go back to the drawing board to review and reassess how you’re meeting your responsibilities at school, in your career, and with family. While change doesn’t necessarily come quickly or easily for you, making certain tweaks related to your work ethic now promotes productivity in the long-run. On Saturday, the new moon in your sign is like your very own New Year’s Day. Carve out time to write down or simply meditate on personal goals and passion projects. The combination of following your heart and a pragmatic step-by-step action plan can make for success down the road.  


On Monday, Saturn goes retrograde in your intimacy zone for about five months, requiring you to reassess what you want in your current or potential closest relationship. You may be thinking about the work you’re willing to put in to deepen your bonds. Pinpointing any changes need to be made in these relationships can have you feeling more fulfilled. On Sunday, Mars in your sign opposes Jupiter in your partnership zone, and you might be tempted to take on way too much with your mate or a close friend (perhaps in terms of a project for class or date night plans). It’s awesome to be ambitious, but overextending yourself could just lead to disappointment.


On Saturday, the new moon in your friendship zone sets the stage for you to kick off a promising group project. Whether you want to raise money for your favorite charity, run a 5K, or start a business with friends, envision your end game and get the ball rolling now. You’ll be happy with the result and boost your bonds at the same time. On Sunday, Mars in your spirituality zone opposes Jupiter in your health zone, and you might be tempted to take on way too much in an effort to step up your self-care. (#Ironic!) No need to do a double workout or try to adhere to a super-strict eating plan. A more balanced approach delivers results while keeping you feeling healthy and happy.


On Saturday, the new moon in your career zone sets an exciting tone for you to make moves at school or work. Your confidence is apparent, and you know exactly what you want. Communicate your goals, and you’ll make an awesome impression on a professor, boss, or other authority figure. On Sunday, you could be torn between plans with a date or your partmer and friends, thanks to an opposition between Mars in your friendship zone and Jupiter in your romance zone. Your instincts are to psych yourself up to do everything! But because you risk feeling burned out going into the next week, you may want to follow through with one commitment and postpone the other.


On Monday, Saturn starts its over five-month retrograde in your romance zone, and you might be frustrated if you feel like you keep ending up in situations where your love is unrequited. Or you might feel stunted creatively and like it’s harder to find time to chill out and have fun. Lessons to be learned now center on boosting self-love and zeroing in on what makes you unique and what gives you pleasure. On Saturday, the new moon in your adventure zone offers the perfect opportunity to break out of your routine rut and throw yourself into new experiences. Finding a class or extracurricular that satisfies your appetite for learning can feel super-revitalizing mentally and emotionally.


On Saturday, the new moon in your intimacy zone inspires you to meditate on what you need out of your current romantic relationship, if you’re attached—or, if you’re single, your ideal future one. Consider doing a ritual, like lighting a candle while setting your intentions or putting your desires into words on paper. A practice like this can make it even easier to manifest. On Sunday, Mars in your higher learning zone opposes Jupiter in your communication zone, and you might be inclined to say “yes” to way too many study dates, projects, volunteer gigs, etc. You want to please everyone involved, and hit all your short-term goals, but thinking about what you can realistically manage right now can maximize efficiency and preempt stress.  


On Wednesday, Mercury in your routine zone clashes with Saturn in your communication zone, and you might feel like you’re met with irritating challenges at every turn throughout the day. Misunderstandings and negative, challenging energy could pepper your interactions. Patience, diplomacy, and doing your best to laugh will get you through. On Saturday, the new moon in your partnership zone is an ideal time to make moves related to a goal you share with your partner or a close friend. You’ll want to design a detailed action plan and get to work, but you may also need to go with the flow a bit. Compromise and teamwork are integral to your success now.  


On Monday, Saturn begins its over five-month retrograde in your income zone, requiring that you take a microscope to the ways you’ve been getting your hustle on. Reflecting on how you can get more efficient and possibly sharpen your focus on the job can ultimately amp up your cash flow. On Saturday, the new moon in your health zone inspires you to get clear on giving your long-term wellness plan a realistic but bold makeover. Maybe you’re ready to commit to a membership at that yoga studio or trade your Uber Eats addiction for cooking healthy dinners. Even if you have super-bold, big picture goals, making even just one small move now can have an awesome snowball effect.  


On Monday, Saturn moves backward in your sign for just over five months, you’ll want to reassess how you’ve been taking care of yourself mentally and physically. If it’s time to step up your fitness game plan, you’ll be meditating on that and making moves during this time. On Saturday, the new moon in your romance zone has you feeling optimistic, flirty, and downright joyful. If you’re attached, having a spontaneous, fun time with your bae infuses your connection with magic. If you’re single, having a good time with friends while feeling comfortable in your own skin sets confident tone going forward, attracting new love—or at least sexy fun.


On Tuesday, the moon and Neptune meet up in your money zone, inspiring creative brainstorms that could lead to extra cash. Don’t hesitate to run with those super-innovative ideas you’ve had in your back pocket, as they could be what sets you up for serious success. On Saturday, the new moon in your home zone offers an opportunity to set goals related to your ~sanctuary~. If you’ve been wanting to redecorate your room, scout around for a new apartment, or have an important talk with your roommate, you’ll do well to set your intentions now. Then, map out your plan of action, and move forward. You’ve got this.


On Wednesday, Mercury in your money zone squares off against Saturn in your friendship zone, and conversations at work, in class, or with your best friends could be strained and confusing. Sure, you’ll be frustrated, but take a deep breath—this is a temporary energy glitch. On Saturday, the new moon falls in your communication zone, making it the ideal time to have any powerful heart-to-hearts you’ve been wanting to initiate with your partner, close friend, or relative. Being honest with yourself about your feelings. Then, sharing them in a straightforward but genuine way can help you get on the same page going forward or, at least, have you feeling more centered and at peace.