This App Is Making it Easy for You to Help Seniors Protect Themselves During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19, one organization is striving to help one of our most vulnerable populations stay safe – the elderly. Originally created to help connect seniors in need of assistance with household tasks with volunteer “Neighbors” that could help them out with chores, repair work and more, Umbrella has since shifted gears to help seniors get their hands on the essentials they need, like groceries and prescriptions, without having to leave their homes. "I started Umbrella to give older adults the support they needed to continue living independently while staying connected to their communities. During this critical time, we knew seniors needed our support now more than ever,” says Lindsay Ullman, CEO of Umbrella. “We paused all of our work and have transitioned our platform to connecting volunteers with the at-risk seniors who cannot leave their homes to get the most basic essentials." 

Umbrella is looking for volunteers nationwide to help seniors stock up, though their strongest needs are currently in New York and New Jersey. Healthy individuals who haven’t travelled or shown signs of illness in the last 14 days can sign up to shop for local seniors. You’ll be able to see opportunities near you through the Umbrella app and can choose based on location and request, making it easy to take care of someone who needs the help at the same time you shop for yourself! 

Courtesy of Umbrella Where possible, Umbrella will even pre-pay for items for you to pick up, but if it's not an option you’ll be reimbursed via direct deposit when the job is completed. So next time you need to make a grocery run, see how you can lend a hand to your neighbors.