Um, You Can Get Your Friend's Face On A Pillow

Your best friend is practically your other half—your ride or die. Through thick and thin, your BFF is the shoulder you cry on, the one who makes you laugh, and the person who most likely knows your Starbucks order like the back of their hand. Now, you can show your love and appreciation for your pal in the best way possible by putting their face on a pillow. That’s right, no matter where you go or how far away you are, your BFF can be right by your side as you sleep.

Thanks to Firebox, you can snuggle with a custom pillow of your bestie’s face on it. Even when they aren’t nearby, this comfy cushion is the perfect way to make your friend feel a little less far away. 

Mushion starts at $22.69 for a single pillow, and it increases in price for a double or triple set. The best part you can do whatever you want with it. Toss it on your fav couch, take it with you on your summer vacation, or give it as a gift. 

If you’re not exactly down for having a pillow of your friend's face, then here are some other personalized BFF products that might appeal to you more.

  1. 1. Beach Towel

    Celebrate your friend’s birthday or your friend anniversary with a personalized beach towel of your best friend's face. Firebox’s Beach Face Personalized Towel is the best way to show your beach-loving friends your appreciation. All you have to do is add the product to your cart, upload the best picture of your friends face, and press the submit button. The result will be a personalized towel of your besties face in the coolest design ever. Each towel retails for $32.99

  2. 2. BFF Luggage Cover

    Are you planning a weekend getaway with your BFF? Well, Head Case, the personalized luggage cover from Firebox, is the only travel accessory you will need. You can just upload any photo you want and place it right on the suitcase. Ranging from $26.19 to $32.29, you can your BFF's face in a small, medium or large size. 

  3. 3. Air Freshener

    Show some love to your bestie with a personalized air freshener from Firebox. Not only will it leave your car smelling "scent-sational," but your pal's face can keep you company on your next road trip, on your way to work, or in the drive-through for Starbucks. All you have to do is upload the picture of your choice and choose the scent you like. They have everything from that fresh new car smell to a weird bacon flavor. 

  4. 4. Custom BFF Swimsuit

    On your next beach day, you can have a custom swimsuit with a bunch of pictures of your BFF's face on it. While definitely a look, it's also the perfect way to pack your bestie into your suitcase and bring them on a mini vacay. The swimsuit retails for $40 on Etsy. 

  5. 5. Furry Friend Socks

    Who says your BFF has to be human? TBH, sometimes the best kind of friends are your pets. Honor your favorite furry friend with custom socks from Divvy Up Socks. You don't have to just upload your pet's photo, but you can also upload a photo of your fav human friend. One face costs $24, and two faces cost $30.