11 Tweets About Iced Coffee That Are Sooooo Funny

The love for iced coffee is universal — and Twitter knows it, too.

Despite the weather getting chillier all around, there is an eternal love in our hearts for the almighty drink: iced coffee. It literally doesn’t matter if it’s snowing out, college women everywhere are still carrying cold lattes and macchiatos to class, and we can’t be stopped. We have no shame whatsoever. The love for iced coffee on Twitter is just as strong, and people are weighing in with humor (and a little self-loathing) for being so obsessed. 

If you want to feel extra seen for your iced coffee addiction, read on for the funniest tweets about these chilly bevs that are just too real.

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  1. 1. For those who drink coffee all year round.

  2. 2. Seriously, 24/7, 365 days baby!

  3. 3. When your iced caffeine addiction is sometimes taking it too far.

  4. 4. When iced coffee is cheaper than a therapist (MOOD)

  5. 5. Coffee is there when the world feels like it's ending. 

  6. 6. And your daily cup of joe really doesn’t do wonders for your heart rate.

  7. 7. But you truly cannot give it up! 

  8. 8. It is a lifestyle, not a phase!

  9. 9. Caffeine is a constant distraction.

  10. 10. And a true art form.

  11. 11. But really, is there anything better than feeling boujee with your iced coffee?

So here you have it — definitive proof from Twitter that iced coffee season never ends! Now carry on with your year-long caffeine addiction.