Travel in Style

     Summer is a time to spend with friends, to be done with classes and homework, and, best of all, to pack up and go on vacation. Whether you’re heading south to see your family or across the pond for a romantic getaway, vacations are the perfect time to kick back and relax. The only stress to overcome before your perfect trip is the plane ride.
     Airplane travel used to be posh and glamorous. Now it’s a necessary hassle that can make even the calmest of women lose their cool. Between the pat downs and nonexistent legroom, flying has lost much of its appeal.
    But don’t let the stress diminish your fashion sense. When dressing for an airplane, comfort and simplicity don’t have to mean sweatpants and a T-shirt. Here are some travel tips so that you can start off your fashionable vacation on the right foot.

Slip-on Shoes

Don’t be that person who has to unlace their knee-high boots at security. Select a pair of flats or loafers that are easy to get on and off for the security check-point and to slip off when you’re on the plane. Eye-catching details and bright summer colors can take your comfy flats to the next level without compromising your ease of travel.

Multi-purpose Accessories

The summer heat outside may be unbearable, but airplanes are notoriously cold. Even if you just throw one in your bag for later, a soft scarf or a baggy sweater is not only a great accessory but can double as a blanket or pillow while you doze off during the flight. A wrap scarf with a bold print is a much better choice than the airline blankets anyway.

Longer Hemlines

If you’re going with a dress, try a maxi or a calf-length one. Sure, a mini skirt is great for the destination but when the person behind you leans his seat back and you can’t comfortably cross your legs, a skirt with a longer hemline will be a life-saver. Pack the short-shorts and itsy-bitsy dresses for later and break out the more conservative lengths for travel. You won’t have to worry about keeping your knees together if you fall asleep or holding the bottom of your shorts down as you throw bags in the overhead bin.

Big, Closed Bag

Between your laptop, iPod, and latest magazines, a carry-on can get pretty full. Sitting under the seat during turbulence, a bag can tip over and spill onto the floor. Try a bag with a top zipper to keep your stuff contained during the trip. Make sure you find a bag with plenty of space, but not one so big you’ll have a hard time lugging it around. Choosing one with interesting detailing or in a stylish summer print will automatically add class and style to your travel look.