Summer Roommate Issues & How to Fix Them

Whether you’ve decided to take classes over the summer or you’ve just scored your dream internship, you may be swapping out your room at school for an apartment this summer. Wherever you’ll be living, your roommates can often make the difference between an awesome summer and one you wish you could forget.

But what if your roommate situation is less than ideal? Subletters, randos, even rooming with your best girlfriends can cause drama over what you hoped would be a relaxing summer break. In case you find yourself in an awkward situation in the upcoming warm months, Her Campus has got you covered on how to deal with our situation-by-situation guide.

Problem: You and your roommate were getting along well, but now she only wants to hang out with you and isn’t making an effort to branch out.
“I had a lot of fun with her in the beginning, but she wanted to do everything that I did. Every time I left our place she would come with me, and she even made her class schedule similar to mine so we’d have the same breaks,” said an Ohio University student about her former roommate. 
Solution: Although you’re probably getting flashbacks of Leighton Meester in The Roommate, try to think of how she’s feeling before you flip out on her.
Alyse Lamparyk, an Ohio University RA, suggests sensitivity first. “If she becomes overly clingy, that's when you might need to be more obvious and tell her, in a nice way, that you already see a lot of her because the two of you live together, so sometimes you just need your space.”

Problem:You’re taking a full class schedule, and your roommates are acting like they’re on an episode of  “The Jersey Shore.” They’re disappointed that you don’t want to go out with them.
Solution: “It can be difficult to coordinate plans due to busy schedules, but there will be another opportunity,” said Alyse.
Tell your roommates you want to be able to come out, but that you just need to know ahead of time so you can prepare for it in your schedule. Leave certain nights free to party with them, so you can be a part of the group while also letting off some much needed steam.