This Pop-Up Site Will Save the Day if You Forgot to Buy a Valentine's Gift

If you haven't ordered your SO their Valentine's Day gift yet (read: if you somehow managed to forget about Valentine's Day), you're really cutting it close. You could rush out to CVS right now–seriously, get going–for chocolate in bulk which, honestly, is probably a safe bet, but if you really want to set yourself apart from the crowd, stick with me for a sec.

Venus ET Fleur, a luxury rose vendor (because apparently luxury flowers are a thing) is here for all of your last-minute, omg what have I done? needs. will only be live on February 13 and 14, while supplies last, and will be offering same-day delivery to the metro NYC, North Jersey and LA areas on a variety of arrangements, chosen from their list of top-sellers: Large Round, Le Plein, Large Square and Heart Box arrangements, available in white, pink or red–the classics!

Courtesy of Venus ET Fleur

But these day-savers will set you back a pretty penny, ranging from $399 to $1249. I suppose you could say you'll get some bang for your buck, though, because they’re reported to last for a full year with little maintenance. If you play your cards right with their cheapest offering, that’s only a dollar and change per day. So, totally worth it!