If You Need Me I'll Be Watering My Plants With This Rosé Spray Bottle

I'm thrilled to share that I'm a proud new plant mom to a beautiful fig tree—her name is Stella and she is five feet tall, loves sunlight, and appreciates meaningful conversations. She came into my life two weeks ago and is thriving, but to keep her healthy my roommate tasked me with ordering a spray bottle. Sure, I thought, of course. But here's the thing about me: I hate boring things and I love rosé, so naturally, I Googled "wine spray bottle" before stumbling upon one of my greatest finds ever. Enter the rosé spray bottle.

Rosé Spray Bottle, Available on Amazon, $10; Shop Now

So you and your plant can both, you know, ~rosé all day~ (kind of), the spray bottle looks like your favorite pink drink. I got it on Amazon for $10 and while it says "hair spray" on it, a spray bottle is a spray bottle and you can fill it with whatever you want. Maybe you'll even fill it with rosé and bring it to the beach this summer, who am I to judge, I bought a spray bottle that looks like wine on Amazon. 

Needless to say, my roommate was not disappointed, and its certainly made watering Stella more exciting. Even better, it looks fun in the apartment unlike a regular old spray bottle. I'm not saying you need one, but you don't not need one. 

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