Prove You’re #FanEnough & Get Free Stuff From Pepsi!

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Is NFL football part of your Sunday ritual? Do you proudly don your favorite team’s gear and proclaim that you bleed your team’s colors?

Do you own sheets with your favorite receiver’s face on them and douse yourself in perfume that smells like your quarterback’s sweat?

Okay, so you may not be that devoted to your favorite NFL team, but you can still be #FanEnough! Pepsi and the NFL have come together to celebrate the players and fans who Live For Now on their march to Super Bowl XLVIII. Pepsi’s hilarious new commercials are highlighting the utter devotion some NFL fans put into proving they are #FanEnough.  Check them out below!

If you’re not into “victory sheets” or eau de quarterback, you can still prove that you’re #FanEnough by joining Pepsi Experience Points. By joining, you’ll win points for interacting with Pepsi online, like watching videos, following Pepsi on Twitter or checking into Pepsi venues. Then, you can redeem those points for exclusive rewards, like free pizza for year or a Beyoncé Pop Art Travel Bag (our personal favorite)!  Throughout the season Pepsi will be adding in more #FanEnough activities and rewards.

Prove you’re #FanEnough and redeem your Pepsi Experience Points for free stuff today! Oh, and do you think Her Campus Co-Founder Windsor is #FanEnough? Check out her awesome HC jersey!