You and Your Best Friends Can Live Like Influencers In This Pink Beach House for $100 Each

If your group chat can't decide on where to go for your next girls trip, allow me to make it easy for you. This very pink, very perfect beach house in the Bahamas is made for a group of women looking to escape reality and live their best lives. The cottage, listed on VRBO, sleeps up to ten people for $1,000 a night — meaning if you and your best friends split it, it'll cost you each $100. 

I've certainly spent 100 bucks on worse things. Located on Harbour Island, which is famous for its pink (I'm sensing a theme) sand beaches and pastel buildings, the cottage is owned by lifestyle blogger Look Linger Love, so it really is an Instagram dream come true. 

I need to escape to this backyard forever, please. 

There's even a "press for tequila button" (no word on whether or not someone delivers you tequila if you press it).

If you're planning a girls trip and are one person short, call me! Happy to be your tenth friend for the weekend. And, if you don't have nine friends (same), but would like to go here, still call me. Down to round up a great group!