The Most Epic Trip of Your Life

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If you’re like us, you suffer from a serious case of wanderlust. The thrill of traveling, exploring new places, going on adventures and meeting new friends? Yes, please! As much as we love the traditional spots (Europe, we’re looking at you), this summer, why not go to Israel? Doesn’t that sound like the perfect place to go? Culture, history, warm weather and camels? Just think about wading in the Mediterranean Sea, sunrise yoga and shopping at street markets and you’ll see why we’re so obsessed.

So, get this: we found a way for you to get to Israel this summer for free. You’ll get to backpack through the mountains, party in Tel Aviv, slip your own note into the Western Wall and yes, get some good ol’ Mediterranean sun (and don’t even get us started on falafel). The trip is basically 10 days of fun, adventure and sunshine… maybe the most epic trip ever.  

The trips are open to Jewish 18- to 26-year-olds who are past high school, and because we love you all so much, we thought we’d pass along the info, because collegiettes are totally eligible for this amazing adventure. The trip is through Taglit-Birthright Israel, and registration is open now!

In case you aren’t totally hooked, check out this video and get ready to fall in love. #HelloIsrael