How to Turn Your Dorm Room Into a New Friend Magnet

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The day you leave your hometown and move into your first college dorm room will be the most exciting, most challenging, most thrilling, most terrifying, most wonderful, most hectic day of your life. (And you can double those feelings if you’re moving 3+ hours away from your friends and family.)’s a lot. But it’s a lot easier to get through when you have friends going through the exact same situation right by your side. Even though it can be daunting to think you have to somehow meet an entire new group of friends on top of moving your entire life to a college campus, I guarantee that everyone else on your hall is feeling just as anxious as you are.  

It just takes one person to step up and link everyone together—that's why we’ve partnered with Xbox to bring you the ultimate guide to meeting new people during move-in week and setting up your dorm for social success. Here, we’re breaking down everything you need to kick off your brand new social life, just hover over an item in our interactive dorm room to reveal our pro social tips. Happy move-in!  

For more tips to navigating your campus social scene, head to our back to college Social Life guide—your comprehensive resource for joining clubs, what greek life is *really* like, and where to meet new people on campus. And in the meantime, you can shop the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition for your first dorm party here.