How to Stay Motivated When the Weather Gets Nice: 5 Spring Study Tips

4. Do the worst first

Usually, if you have a big pile of work to do you’ll work on the little things first to get them out of the way and put the most difficult project or assignment off. This is all well and good for the other 7 months of the semester, but when spring rolls around and there are festivals, formals and flings filling up your schedule, the last thing you’ll have room for is a time-consuming assignment.

By finishing this assignment as soon as possible, you’ll free up your time for fun and have plenty of time left in between your social commitments for smaller assignments. As always, making lists helps.

“I make to-do lists of everything I have to do short term and long term, and that always helps me visually see what I have to get done and from there I break it up into what I do every day,” Colleen said. “Sometimes it doesn’t always go as planned but it works better than trying to fit it all in my head.”

It’s not always easy to tackle the biggest project first. Sometimes it takes a little self-convincing, but it’s worth it in the end. “I have to convince myself that I’ll feel better once it’s over, and I do feel great when it is so it’s positive reinforcement,” Colleen said.

5. Work out before you work it out

Let’s face it — beautiful weather is distracting. It can seem almost impossible to commit to spending an afternoon with flashcards and highlighters when the temperature finally reaches livable digits. Try swinging into spring with a jog around campus or a bike ride with a friend.

”Usually I go for a run before doing a big assignment,” Colleen said. “It makes me feel good after and ready to accomplish something.”

Some collegiettes can find it difficult to focus outside. If you fit in that category, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of spring weather.

“I can’t get much done outside, there are too many distractions. It can be too tempting to fall asleep,” Julie said. “If it’s really nice out, I might start out in the morning with homework and then give myself a break for the nice hours of the day.”

Just as Elle Woods taught us, exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. Put those wise words into action and get moving. Go for a brisk walk down the block or find a nature trail near campus. Once you’ve enjoyed the wonderful weather, you might just find it a whole lot easier to focus on that pile of schoolwork you have waiting for you. 

How do you get yourself motivated when summer is just weeks away? Leave a comment!

Julie Herbert, University of Maine collegiette
Colleen O’Neil, University of Pittsburgh collegiette
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