How to Get Out of the Mid-Semester Rut

It’s that time of the year, collegiettes—the mid-semester blues have finally hit. You’re dealing with a never-ending amount of schoolwork, your dating life leaves something to be desired, and the weather is consistently awful. Spring Break never seemed so far away! But although the winter blahs get everyone at some point, they can easily be squashed with a few quick pick-me-ups. So change out of those sweats and get ready to be re-energized­­– Her Campus is here to get you off the couch!

Problem: You’d love to get a good workout in, but the 10-minute walk to the gym in the freezing cold is quickly changing your mind.
Solution: This is where the TV can actually help a girl out! “If you don't want to leave your dorm (I hate walking to the gym in the winter) then workout videos are a great way to stay in shape. I like Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred because it's only 20 minutes long, so I can fit it into a busy school day,” Makena Sage, HC Campus Correspondent at Bryant University says. Workout DVDS are becoming more popular for college students and there are ton to choose from, so try checking Amazon for deals. 30-Day Shred is only $8.99, and there’s an app from SELFmagazine called SELF Workouts that only costs $1.99!

Problem: With projects, extracurriculars, and your day-to-day responsibilities, you have barely had time to catch your breath lately. You want to do something fun to relax, but putting something else into your busy schedule just seems like a hassle.   

Solution: Try a relaxing night with your girlfriends. You’ll be surprised how much it’ll help! “Everyone wears comfy clothes and you do the whole girly thing with junk food, facials and manicures, and a marathon of chick flicks. No matter the weather outside, the laughter alone guaranteed in a night like that was always a great pick-me-up,” says Christina Troy, HC Design Associate and a recent Merrimack College alum. And if you feel like you have to go out and party rather than have a chill night, check out 25 reasons why it’s okay to stay in tonight to change your mind!

Problem: So none of the jobs you applied for are panning out, and counting out your change for a drink at the bar is getting old really quickly.
Solution: Revert back to your high school days and consider babysitting! Ask some of your friends if they know anyone in the area who needs a sitter, or talk to some of your favorite professors with children. It’ll hold you over until you can find a more permanent job, and you’ll be able to get homework done once the kids go to sleep!