You Could Earn $1000 to Binge Watch Horror Movies this Halloween

What’s that I hear? The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t scary enough for you this Halloween? Well, rest assured, things are about to get a lot scarier. and have teamed up to provide one lucky winner with $1000 to binge watch as many horror movies as they can in 24 hours on Halloween night, on the streaming service of their choice. And if for some reason you’re having troublepowering through all those horror movies – though truthfully, I don’t know how you could sleep at all – the two streaming services are also providing a $50 Starbucks gift card. Fuel for both your coffee and horror movie addictions? Talk about efficiency! 

There are so many spending possibilities if you happen to be the winner – candy, spooky decorations or a comfy throw, for example – although I recommend splurging on a frightful Halloween costume to freak out all your friends come Halloween 2021! If you start now, you're sure to knock it out of the park.

Applications are open until Friday, October 16th to anyone eligible to work in the US over the age of 18, and all you have to do is tell them in less than 100 words why you're the perfect horror-obsessee. So get to writing, and happy scaring!