The Her Campus Hang: What Our Editors Are Reading on May 19, 2019

Khloe Kardashian's favorite butt workout. [Women's Health]

Republicans are focusing on abortion over the economy for 2020. [The New York Times]

Chicago elected a black, female openly gay mayor. [USA Today]

This college's commencement speaker paid off all student debt in the class of 2019. [The Huffington Post]

How the extreme abortion laws happened. [The Cut]

Faith, friendship and tragedy at this high school. [Texas Monthly]

Romances where the couple never meets are becoming normal for teens. [The Wall Street Journal]

Game of Thrones theories we wish had been right. [Glamour]

What has these Brazilian students protesting so furiously? [Teen Vogue]

Inside the lives of Instagram dance stars. [Cosmopolitan]