The Her Campus Hang: What Our Editors Are Reading on April 14, 2019

Inside the world of fake Amazon reviews. [The Hustle]

Facebook is stealing joy. [The New York Times]

Morehouse College is now accepting transgender students. [The Root]

What celebrities wore to Coachella. [Glamour]

Georgetown students want to incorporate a reparations fee for the descendants of enslaved people sold by the university. [Teen Vogue]

How to do a butt sculpting workout. [Women's Health]

Mac and cheese hacks to transform your microwaved meal. [Spoon University]

Why it took this woman years to be become a proud disabled woman. [The Huffington Post]

How Bill Gates remembers everything he reads. [Quartz]

Students and graduates may be the next targets of the admission scandal investigation. [The Wall Street Journal]