HC's 19 Favorite Laptop Cases for Back-to-School

Whether you’re taking notes in class or working on your midterm paper, your laptop can log a lot of miles. Seriously, how did our grandparents get anything done without computers? With all of the hours spent on a laptop, college computers have become a necessary accessory. Check out these fabulous laptop cases, skins, and sleeves to keep your computer not only safe, but also enviously fashionable.

Under $20

Under Cover Laptop Skin, Vera Bradley, $12

A skin works kind of like a sticker: just stick it on your laptop to keep your precious technology from getting scratched or cracked. A skin like this is cute and colorful and will also help you tell your computer apart from all of the others (Face it; every Mac looks the same).

Café in Paris Silver Gray Notebook Laptop Sleeve Bag Carrying Case, MyGift, $15.15

This simple and classy case just might inspire you to tote your laptop to a local café and write about deep, insightful things.

Kitten Holding Up Paws, Taylorhe Skins, $15.49

Admit it: you smiled when you saw this case. And who wouldn’t? This is perfect for any animal lover. Carrying your computer in this case will make the next lecture you sit through just a little more bearable.

Under $30

Old School Notebook Sleeve, DIGITTRADE, €24.90 (about $30)

This old school cassette case is just right for the girl who loves a little bit of vintage and a whole lot of fun.

My Pop, GelaSkins, $29.95

A girl with a busy schedule deserves a laptop skin with equal excitement. This abstract collection of colors and shapes will make an intriguing statement and will keep you entertained during another one of your professor’s boring lectures.

Bookshelf, GelaSkins, $29.95

In the new age of Kindles and online readers, this bookcase skin may be the closest you’ll get to a large collection of novels. For a bookworm, this skin will speak directly to your personal taste.