5 Gifts For Your Roomie (That You’ll Also Get to Use)

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Your roomie is the best. She helped you study for your exams, let you borrow her clothes last minute, and has just been the most amazing part of your semester. So, this holiday season, your roomie deserves the greatest present ever. Thankfully, we have comprised a list of five top-notch gift ideas for your roomie, ranging from Xbox must-haves to self-care items. (Bonus: these holiday gifts keep on giving because you’ll be able to benefit from them, too!) 

  1. 1. Upgrade your roommate's media system

    Give your roomie the gift of access to over 100 gaming titles this holiday season with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Your roomie can play her favorite titles post exams to unwind or even play against you to see who takes out the trash. Bonus: you can use all the fun she’s having as a way to ask your parents for your own Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (especially with the low price of $199!). If you’re looking to make your roomie feel extra special, you can add the Xbox Wireless Controller in Blue to her gift. The Xbox Wireless Controller has textured grip and its button mapping will allow her to customize her gear just the way she likes it. And with Bluetooth® technology, she can play her favorite games on Windows 10 PCs and tablets, too. Plus, with this new stylish controller, you and your roomie can spend some quality time playing all the best Xbox games.

  2. 2. Gift your roomie the best-in-class Microsoft software 

    Make your roomie’s life a little easier this holiday season and give her Microsoft Office Home & Student so she has all the essentials to get her work done. Then, encourage her to ask 'Santa' for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to pair with your gift of Office Home & Student. With its tablet-to-laptop versatility, the Surface Pro 7 will help your roomie easily get her assignments done, and it’s ultra-lightweight so it’s perfect for transporting between the dorm and class. Not to mention, the Surface Pro 7’s Fast Charge technology and all-day battery life will power her through all her classes and late-night movies in your dorm room (movie night, anyone?).

  3. 3. Give a dreamy self-care set

    Let’s be honest: college can be stressful. Remind your roomie to take some “me” time and give her the gift of self-care. Your roomie can relax and have the skin of her dreams with The Skin of Your Dreams Sheet Mask Set from Pacifica. The set includes five sheet masks—like the Stress Rehab Coconut & Caffeine Facial Mask and the Super Green Detox Kale & Charcoal Detox Facial Mask—all of which help to target certain skin concerns and leave your skin feeling dreamy. Your beauty-obsessed roomie will love them, and both of you can enjoy the sheet masks during a night in! 

  4. 4. Make your dorm feel more like home

    Since you and your roomie will be living in your dorm room for the year, why not make it feel more like home? A diffuser is the perfect way to do just that. Capri Blue's iconic fragrances are a long-standing favorite at Anthropologie, so give your roomie a Capri Blue Reed Diffuser. Not only is the glass vessel aesthetically pleasing for you and your roomie’s dorm room, but the intoxicating fragrance will make your dorm smell amazing

  5. 5. Plan an experience for you two to share

    One of the best gifts you can give your roomie is an experience that you both can share. Do you and your roomie have a favorite musician or even a fave restaurant? Plan a special trip or roomie date night! Buy some concert tickets or set aside a day for you to go out to your favorite brunch spot. It’ll definitely be a highlight of your semester and something that you two will always share.